Father's Day Gift Guide and Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gifts: Make them Personal 

Looking for an awesome gift for your awesome dad? That's great, but put down the tie for a second. Does your dad even wear ties? Sure, you can be lazy and toss your father an unwrapped gift card to the hardware store. Who hasn't? But doesn't he deserve a little more effort than that? The best gifts say something personal. Even your dad appreciates heartfelt, thoughtful presents. 

Let's take a look at a few great Father's Day gifts that aren't tacky, cliché or boring. Like…

Gifts For The Sports Fan

Does your dad like watching sports? Does he like drinking beer while watching sports? Make a lasting impression with a personalized beer mug. Customize the glass with his name to let everyone else know to keep their hands off when he's in the zone. 

If dad is more of a “can” kind of guy, consider a personalized leather beer koozie. Most can holders are cheap and fall apart before the seasons over—not the sort of gift you can be proud of. But one made of leather—now that's a whole different ball game. 

Or, let dad show his team pride with personalized team shot glasses or locker room canvases. Now every time he sits down to watch the game...he'll think of you.

Gifts For The Disorganized Dad

Is your dad always losing, well...everything? Make his life a whole lot easier with a personalized key ring or wallet—now at least when he leaves his keys in the bathroom, someone will be able to identify them. 

If dad is always fumbling to hand out business cards, why not grab him a card case with his initials? 

Dads with messy bathrooms would love a monogrammed dopp kit—a sleek little bag to store his razor, shaving cream, and whatever else he uses to keep himself presentable. Or, take it a step further with a personalized shaving kit. 

And if he makes a habit of collecting and LOSING tons of watches, pick him up a classy watch case. Now he won't have any excuses when you ask to see his latest timepiece.

Gifts Your Dad Needs

Often, the best presents are the ones we actually NEED. Before you make your decision this Father's Day, ask yourself (or your dad) if there's anything he could really use right now. Items like personalized pocket watches, pocket knives, or grill sets look awesome and help dad get things done. Keep an ear out! Make note of favorite items your dad recently lost or broke, and see if you can fill the void.

Traditional Gifts With A Personal Touch

Alright, so we picked on clichéd gifts earlier—but done right, traditional gifts can actually be fantastic selections for Father's Day. There's nothing wrong with coffee mugs and picture frames, especially when they are professionally made and personalized just for your dad

The key is to NOT be boring! A lame dollar store mug that just says “DAD” isn't going to cut it. And with tons of unique gift options, why bother?