How To Use a Money Clip and Its Benefits Over a Wallet

Money clips are simplistic accessories, designed for you to carry your cash and plastic cards in a sleek and discreet fashion. They’re often preferred by businessmen and women who don’t want to compromise their attire, but their benefits span beyond this.

In the history of paper currency, wallets and money clips have long been dominating the way we carry our cash.

Both have significant benefits, but many find a wallet filled with credit cards, ATM slips, receipts, and gift cards too bulky.

Whether you need a practical gift for a loved one or yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We tell you how to use a money clip and its benefits over a wallet.

Money Clip

Our History With Money Clips

Money clips are basic devices, invented to carry or store cash in a compact fashion.

So where did it all start? Around the 1800s, where banknotes became the preferred form for people to keep their money in.

Before that, purses and wallets were the most common way of transporting their wealth, which mostly consisted of coins. Although, it wasn’t until the 1900s that money clips became a thing. And even then, men were the more frequent users.

During the beginning, money clips were a luxury item, used by the upper-middle and upper class. It remained this way well into the 20th century, where people wanted to show off their wealth in the most obvious way.

Today, however, money clips are an affordable way to store and hold your cash and credit cards that anyone can benefit from.

Why Use a Money Clip Over a Wallet

Below are some advantages of opting for a money clip over a wallet.

Money Clips Are More Accessible
If you or the gift recipient prefer to carry cash at all times, a money clip is more accessible than a wallet.

With wallets and purses, you have to get through zippers, pockets, and dividers before you can take out your banknotes.

Using a money clip, on the other hand, you remove it from your pocket, locate the note you need, and unclip it. In our book, clips are a must-have if you’re often in a rush.

They Are Simplistic and Sleek
Money clips are simple devices, which is also one reason they’ve grown in popularity in our modern, often, complicated age. More and more people prefer having a simple, sleek accessory that they can quickly pull out of their pocket.

There are also other types of money clips, which are thicker and suited for outdoorsy, active people. The added weight keeps it in your pocket, so there’s no need for a bulky wallet while you’re on the go.

Money Clips Don’t Ruin Your Style
Whether it’s a gift for a businessman in a sleek suit or your wife going to a formal event with a small purse, a bulky wallet can mess up their attire.

The best money clips accommodate the slim and trim styles of men and women’s fashion. You can slip a wad of cash into the breast pocket of your suit, your jeans, or a fancy tux without anyone noticing.

This is also why businessmen and women prefer money clips to discreetly stash their cash on them without compromising their professional style.

They Are Customizable
Despite being the simplest money-storing accessory, you can personalize them for the recipient.

Some samples of how you can personalize it include: Having their initials engraved onto the clip, a favorite quote, or even a motivational phrase.

They’re also available in several types besides the thin or thicker options. You’ll find money clips that are magnetic for lots of cash, double clips, spring-loaded, and wallet clips.

How To Use a Money Clip

If you’re wondering how to use a money clip, we have a quick guide below:

1. Arrange Your Cash in Order
The first step to take is to assemble your notes in order. Doing this makes it easier for you to quickly grab the right bills instead of wasting time looking through everyone.

You can arrange your banknotes in any order you find convenient. However, many prefer having the larger bills folded over the small as this is more accessible for daily, minute purchases, like coffee.

Here’s what you do: Lay all your cash out and stack them with the bigger notes at the bottom. Then as you fold them into your money clip, the smaller bills will sit in the middle, making them easier to pull out.

2. Slip in Cash, IDs, and Credit Cards
With the folded side first, gently slide your stack of cash into the clip. Use your fingers to open it and let go as soon as your notes are in—the clip will hold them securely.

If you have your ID and credit cards, you can slip those into the clip, as well. Bear in mind, when using a magnetic money clip, ensure that you follow the instructions on how to use it. The magnet can damage your credit cards.

With plastic cards, you may find a wallet clip more convenient. These are clips attached to a card holder with one or several pockets.

3. Placing the Money Clip in Your Pocket
The beauty with money clips is that you can place them in any pocket that’s most accessible to you. This could be your front pocket, on your chest, or in your jacket.

Be careful of placing them in your back pocket, though, as this can compromise your comfort when you sit.

4. Pulling Money From the Clip
Although it might seem simple, smoothly pulling money from the clip may require some practice. The key to success is how you’ve arranged your cash; then, you can quickly slip out the needed bill without spilling everything on the floor.

Still, it’s fine to remove the clip and look through your stack to locate the needed note or card.

Money Clips Are Must-Haves for the Cash Bearer

Money clips are simplistic designs to help you carry a stack of cash without needing a bulky wallet. You can place them in any pocket without ruining your outfit, and they make it quick to access your money.

We hope you found our quick example on how to use a money clip helpful. Remember, they’re easy to personalize as a keepsake gift for a loved one.

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