Personalized Wedding Party Favors for the Lucky Bieber-Baldwin Guests

So, you’re one of the lucky few invited to the Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin wedding extravaganza? What an honor! We know you can’t help but wonder … what are their party favors going to be?

Seriously, what on earth do you think they’ll be giving as wedding gifts for their official reception celebration? This is their official celebration, so will they go big with personalized wedding gift favors or will they stay simple and classy with small gift bags?

Here are a few guesses on what personalized wedding favors their guests could be toting around after the big celebration:


#1 Personalized Family Bible

Yes, it’s become cool to be religious again, thanks to Justin and Hailey’s commitment to attending church together and for the spiritual-rebel tattoos Beiber is famous for.

A customized Bible or Bible cover is sure to make an impression on them, so it may be an easy guess that they’ll share their passion with their close friends and family as well!

Let’s hope they personalize them with their own initials or their guests’ names, but hey, that’s up to Hailey and the Biebs. You may just have to wait and see — then share on your Instagram stories for all of us unlucky ones.

#2: Embroidered Robes & Luxurious Spa Supplies

Spas are a favorite amongst celebs … and just about anyone who needs some relaxing “me time.” So it’s a safe bet to think Justin and Hailey may be planning to splurge on expensive spa gift cards and exclusively-embroidered robes for their wedding guests!

They may even be tempted to treat themselves to luxurious spa gear for their upcoming honeymoon, or his-and-hers customized robes for their new home! Oops, did we just give you a good wedding gift idea? You’re welcome!

#3: Customized Travel Bags

Whether traveling to the Bieber wedding or not, personalized travel bags are an ideal two-for-one gift for wedding party favors. They can be a stylish bag to hold other favors, and a practical gift guests can use again and again.

We suggest the happy couple shop for a high-quality leather bag and personalize it with a sentimental or funny quote, or even their guests’ names!

#4: Engraved Coffee Mugs & Wine Glasses

Justin and Hailey are often snapped by paparazzi while they’re sipping coffee or fancy wines. It’s safe to say they love tasty beverages, which could mean they also love custom wine glasses or personalized tumblers!

Maybe they’ll even give their wedding guests a gift bag with sets of customized wine gifts, coffee mugs and fancy accessories. After all, “wine not” fill the party favor bags to the brim with personalized wine accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts to show their guests how much they matter to the happy couple!

#5: Drew House Gear

Our next potential gift idea is an easy guess: Drew House merch.

Justin has been promoting his new brand, Drew House, all over social media (see above). So, it’s not a stretch to assume he might splash some of his accessories, tees and more on his guests as a wedding favor.

His gear sells out fast, so their wedding guests may just be the lucky few who don’t have to worry about waiting for their favorite Drew House items to come back up for sale!

#6 Personalized Poker Set

 Personalized Poker Set

A personalized poker set is a great party favor to give guests who may have more assets to test the tables with! So why not gift wedding guests their own personalized poker set to help them practice or host game nights at their homes (or mansions)!

This could also be a smart touch if Justin and Hailey are planning on a poker, Gatsby or 1920s themed wedding. And, to add extra class for their themed affair, the happy couple could get each set engraved with their guests’ initials.

 #7 Personalized NHL Gear for Justin

 Personalized Hockey Gear

Justin’s obsession with hockey, Canada’s national sport, has him skating in LA and playing in the NHL’s celebrity all-star game every year. It’s a fair guess that he may personalize this gift as a way to share his passion and pride in his home country with his guests, especially if there are young children invited. Sports gear, like this mini hockey stick, makes a great personalized wedding favor for all kids invited!

Find Personalized Wedding Favors Within Any Budget

Not all of these wedding favors may be within the price range of your wedding, but adding personalized favors to your wedding gift bags is always an affordable option when you shop our wide selection.

Whether you’re looking for bulk orders for your wedding party and guests — or just one individual item to give as a gift — we’ve got you covered. Add unique customization with each guest or party member’s name, or add your hashtag, favorite quote or whatever else to share your personal touch with your cherished guests!

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