Personalized Wedding Gifts for Bieber-Baldwin

Aug 01, 2018

Justin and Hailey Wedding Gifts

So, you’re one of the lucky few invited to the Justin Bieber - Hailey Baldwin wedding? What an honor! And also a lot of pressure.

What on earth do you get them as wedding gifts? They have everything… twice!

Plus, they’re so in love they’ll hardly notice you’re there, let alone your efforts to please them…

What you really need to do is think outside the box. You can’t just get what everyone else is thinking of getting them. And even if they have a registry and there are some items on there you can sell a kidney to afford, you still won’t stand out. So, here are a few suggestions for personalized wedding gifts that might actually get their attention. 


#1 Personalized Family Bible

Personalized Bible

Yes, it’s become cool to be religious again, thanks to Justin and Hailey’s commitment to attending church together and for the spiritual-rebel tattoos Beiber is famous for.

This luxurious amethyst encrusted personalized family bible is sure to make an impression on them, and it will become one of the family heirlooms for their future progeny.


#2 Personalized Poker Set

 Personalized Poker Set

Getting engaged after a few months of dating, especially after an on-and-off relationship, is a huge gamble. But even more so when you’re that young and famous, with the eyes of the paparazzi and fans all over your every move.

So to honor this act of pure bravery, and to keep reminding them of their risk-taking adventurousness, how about a personalized poker set of 100 chips in a faux leather box?


#3 Get Your Daddy To Crash The Party

This only goes if you’re Patrick Schwarzenegger. Get Papa Arnold to make a parachuted crash-landing through the stained glass windows of the church during the ceremony, wearing black sunglasses and a bionic arm, and then have him say one of his most famous and motivational quotes: “it’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat” and then walk out without flinching.


#4 Everlasting Love Tree Carving

 Personalized Tree Carving

Maybe you want to try something a little sweeter… something that shows you are a Belieber in true love, in their true love. And when you think of something that stands the test of time, even after the passing away of the lovers themselves, what comes to mind? Maybe a tree with a carved-out heart and the names of the two lovebirds. This Everlasting Love Tree Carving stretched canvas print is one of the more respectable personalized wedding gifts, if you want to play it safe.


#5 Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes CDs

For a complete 180, you might want to be the prankster of the party and get him Shawn Mendes CDs and get her Selena Gomez CDs. Nothing says “happily ever after” than dragging the past along between you into the future.

No, seriously, don’t do this, even if you’re tempted.


#6 Personalized Pashmina for Hailey

 Personalized Pashmina Scarf

Personalized wedding gifts that show you’ve really put in a lot of thought and effort should be different for her and for him. Hailey is a gorgeous model, and she loves beautiful things. Getting her a personalized pashmina scarf inspired by British Royal wedding etiquette will tell her that you think she’s every bit as elegant and classy as Meghan.


#7 Personalized NHL Gear for Justin

 Personalized Hockey Gear

Justin’s obsession with hockey, Canada’s national sport, has him skating in LA and playing in the NHL’s all-stars game every year. This personalized NHL hat trick mini hockey stick is made of lightweight wood composite so it can be easily hung up on his wall. You can have it personalized with his name or a special phrase of up to 20 characters.


Hopefully, this list has some good raw materials for you to work with, and if you’re like the rest of us that are kind of glad you don’t have to spend a fortune just to attend a celebrity wedding, these ideas can help you make an impression for your next ordinary but still very special celebration.


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