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12 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

12 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

15 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Don't settle for giving your guy another tie, pair of socks or fresh set of underwear (ahem, not that we mind getting underwear for V-Day). Instead, give him something more...personal. 

Our suggestion: a personalized gift for him that he'll never forget. Best part is, this list of gifts fits all price points (and relationship levels) from married with money to just-started-dating-and-I-want-something-that-says-l-like-him, this list of gifts will fit not just your budget, but also where you're at in your relationship. 

Have a read - and feel free to leave us comments below! 

Personalized NFL Gifts

Personalized NFL Gifts

Yes, by Valentine's Day the Super Bowl will be over and your guy will either be basking in championship glee or getting ready for the NFL Draft to make their team contenders in 2020. 

Either way, our huge selection of personalized NFL team gifts will make him the happiest fan in your house. From personalized tumblers to mugs, personalized team zippo lighters to money clips you can give your guy a Valentine's Day gift he'll remember, and something he can brag to the guys in his fantasy league about! 


Personalized Black Zippo

Personalized Zippo Lighter in Black Ice

This handsome personalized zippo lighter comes in a charcoal metal finish that makes it distinguished and distinguishing. Able to be personalized with either your guy's initials or up to 15 characters of text (we suggest engraving it with your pet name for him, "snookums" or "baby cakes" come to mind...). This piece doesn't just look good, but will last him a lifetime. 


Wooden Pocketknife

Engraved Wood-Handled Pocket Knife

Exquisitely crafted and a perfect everyday carry item for any guy, this personalized wood-handled pocket knife makes a great Valentine's Day gift for your guy. 

Made from plated silver, stainless steel and hand-carved wood, this sophisticated knife comes in the box shown above and can be personalized with 3 initials engraved on the hinged end of the knife. 


Personalized Humidor

Personalized Cigar Humidor

Crafted from heirloom quality cherry wood, this personalized cigar humidor will make a statement with any man who enjoys a good cigar. The exterior is made from cherry hardwood while the interior is framed with cedar to keep his cigars fresh, we'll engrave his name or a special message on the brass nameplate of the humidor making it an instant keepsake and hand-me-down for any gentleman. 


Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set w/ 2 Low-Ball Glasses

If your guy fancies a dram every now and again, this personalized decanter set is a fantastic gift. Made from heavy glass to give the decanter (23oz.) and low-balls (8oz.) heft in the hand, this set can be personalized with up to 15 characters and 7 different designs. On-sale now for just $49.99, this set is a great gift that he'll not soon forget! 


Wallet and Cufflink Set

Personalized Wallet and Cufflink Gift Set

If a gift-set is more your speed, check out this affordable combo of personalized leather wallet and personalized cufflinks, boxed in a gorgeous gift box and ready for Valentine's gifting. 


Personalized Weekender

Personalized Weekender Duffel Bag

Made from an elegant combo of blue canvas and leather (with brass feet on bottom) this personalized weekender is a great gift for any guy. Ready for weekend cabin runs or able to be used as a carry-on, this bag can be customized with your guys' initials in 4 different debossing options. 


Rawhide Coasters

Personalized Rawhide Coasters

Get him a gift that will also protect your tabletops! These personalized rawhide coasters are a great gift for the guy who enterains. Made from simulated suede leather, they're spill-proof and will add a touch of class and style to any home. Monogrammed with an initial, they'll be a long-lasting gift that he'll remember you for every time he sets down his glass. 


Monogrammed Watch Box 

Monogrammed Watch and Sunglass Box

Help your guy keep his personal items organized with this gorgeous personalized watch box. Stores 4 watches and 3 pairs of sunglasses and able to be monogrammed in 4 different designs, this is a classy gift that he'll appreciate for years to come. 


Personalized Cribbage Set

Monogrammed Cribbage Set

For the cribbage-afficionado in your life, this handmade birch travel cribbage set can be monogrammed in 3 different designs with up to 15 characters. The board folds inward storing 2 sets of cards and a full, regulation cribbage board. Great for travel, bar games or just to give as a keepsake, this cribbage set is a great, affordable gift for Valentine's Day. 


Putter Set

Laser-Engraved Putter Set

A perfect gift for a businessman or golf afficionado, this personalized putter set comes with a full-sized putter, 2 balls and a wood practice cup. Personalized on the top of the wood case with laser engraving, this set will be an office favorite for any guy! 


Divot tool

Personalized Pocket Divot Tool and Ball Marker

So popular that it's currently sold-out, this pocket divot tool and ball marker can be personalized with your guys' initials. A great gift for the golfer in your life the ball marker fits snugly into the handle of the divot tool and can be personalized with a circular monogram of his initials. 



Holiday Hosting: Personalize Your Holiday Party

Holiday Hosting: Personalize Your Holiday Party

It's that time of year again. The Holiday Season. Dread it or not, you'll likely be throwing a party of two over the next couple of months, whether celebrating Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or prancing around a Festivus pole. 

While holiday hosting can be a blast, it can also be a time of pressure and competition, stress and the need to occasionally spike the punch/eggnog. Wouldn't it be great if you could win the holidays without all the stress?

Well. We have some ideas to help you win holiday host of the year by adding some personalized touches to your holiday party. 


Personalize Your Tea Towels

Personalized Tea Towels

Make your kitchen standout while holiday hosting with our distinctive personalized tea towels. Use them as hand towels, oven mitts or to decorate your bread baskets. These personalized tea towels come in four distinct designs and are a cheap and easy way to make your holiday table standout. 

Pro Tip: you don't have to personalize these towels just with your family name. You have 15 characters available to personalize your way, so you could use a family motto, a witty quote or just "Holiday 2019." Either way, we think these tea towels will add a bit of unique magic to your holiday table. Something the in-laws, out-laws and all your friends will be asking about. 


Make a Stand-Out Sign

Personalized Wall Art

Holiday decor is always a chore to nail. This year add a personalized touch to your walls with a cool, personalized wall sign. While we have a big selection of potential signs, our team thinks this one would really set the tone for holiday dinners with friends, family or colleagues. Easy to personalize with your family name, a 15-character message or motto and the year, this sign can add a subtle, memorable and personal touch to your holiday wall decor. 


Personalize Your Coasters (and protect your table tops!)

Personalized Square Coaster Set

Don't just have your guests put their eggnog glass on any regular coaster (or heaven forbid, your actual tabletop). No, instead, we suggest making a set or two of our personalized coasters for your upcoming holiday parties. Whether personalized with your initials, family name or other messages, these coasters will be a memorable (and creative) addition to your holiday hosting decor. They're unique, useful and most importantly - Uncle Bob won't leave beer bottle rings on your side tables at Thanksgiving dinner! 


Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Wine Glasses

Personalized White Wine Glasses

Sure a normal, plain wine glass will do. But it's the HOLIDAYS PEOPLE. Don't just settle for plain old wine glasses, instead let us personalize sets of wine glasses for you. Add your initials, your name, a short message or even something silly (think: Grinch, Humbug or other funny holiday-themed names you've always wanted to call your relatives) to sets of 4 red or white wine glasses. 

We can personalize each set with up to 15-characters, giving you the ability to make your wine-wear not just be functional, but also fun and standout. 

Pro tip: order a set of both white and red -- or, go fancy and order our personalized stemless sets and use them for adult beverages, juice or water too. 


A Little Something For Post-Dinner Refreshments

Personalized Decanter Set

A great post holiday-dinner drink is sometimes necessary. Especially when helping digest all that turkey and stuffing you just ate. So bring out the whiskey (or whisky if you're into the Scottish variety) in style with a personalized decanter set with low ball glasses

Available in 6 distinct designs (Antler is shown above - we love this one for a rustic holiday theme) and with personalization on both the decanter and glasses, this set is a great way to customize your post-dinner beverage service. 

Pro-tip: this works great for kiddy mocktails as well - and we think would make for some great instagrammable moments with your dressed-up kiddos. 

Get Your Grill Game On: Personalized Grill Tools

Get Your Grill Game On: Personalized Grill Tools

Grill Gift Guide

Nothing says “it’s grill time” like the sweet heat of summertime. Everything about this time of year compels you to go outside: the longer daylight hours, the smell of freshly cut grass and chlorinated pool water, and the wafting grill smoke beckoning the neighborhood kids and cats with meaty temptations.

But this year, instead of letting this longstanding tradition stressing you out - after all, who likes cleaning a grill with a faulty scraper or throwing away yet another burnt burger? – it’s time to find the most useful grill tools out there to take the struggle out of what should be the enjoyable and satisfying role of neighborhood Grill Master.

And just to make it even more fun, and to, of course, defend your status as the Grill Master from any new challenger on the block, you can personalize your grill accessories. That also makes them excellent gifts, or if you engrave them with your family name or crest, they can become family heirlooms that you pass down to your kids. 

If you have everything in place, BBQing can turn into your end-of-day relaxation, your social capital, and your pro-hobby all in one. So, here are a few must-have grill tools and personalized grill accessories for a stress-free BBQ season.


Tools To Make Grilling A Breeze

Monogrammed Grill Set

Instead of buying a bunch of different tools separately, this Monogrammed BBQ Grilling Set contains a spatula, grilling fork, and tongs. The utensils are made from durable stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about them rusting or falling apart, relieving you of a common problem that comes with the territory. They also come in a lightweight bamboo case with securing latches and a rugged handle.

And, of course, just to make it even more personalized, you can choose from six different design options, including Modern, Circle, Stamped, Chef, Steak, and Knives.

If you have a big family, or you plan on grilling for neighbors or guests, one spatula is not going to be enough, so you might want to get an extra spatula or two, especially if you want to involve one of your kids or friends in the grilling.

2-in-1 Grill Spatula

These 2-in-1 Grilling Spatulas are not only personalized, they also have a bottle opener on their ends in case you’ve misplaced your other opener (which is another common BBQing problem) and you want to crack a cold beer while cooking the ribs.


BBQ Gear Fit For A King

As a seasoned Grill Master, you know that the process goes way beyond just grilling. You need to keep your grill in tip-top shape, clean, and ready for the next round. But cleaning your grill after the cookout doesn’t have to be a drag, you can make it into a meditative ritual of its own, and also involve the kids or a friend.

BBQ Scraper

This Personalized Natural Western BBQ Scraper is eco-friendly, personalized, and best of all, gives off a natural cedar aroma when used on a warm grill. Plus, it’s much tidier than BBQ brushes that leave metal bristles all over the place, relieving you of yet another grilling hazard.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Having a grill-specific cutting board can save you a lot of hassle – you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination and you don’t have to search for it in the house. This Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board is perfect for your outdoor makeshift bar or for chopping up all the fix-ins for your hot dogs.


Your Outdoor Bar Essentials

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Nothing goes together like BBQ and beer. So, if you’ve already got your top grill game on, it would be weird if your bar accessories fell flat. This Wall Mounted Personalized Bottle Opener doesn’t only look good (and it does come in 12 different designs), it’s also the most practical bottle opener you can get. It won’t get lost, it won’t get damaged, and no matter how tipsy your guests are, they will easily find it.

Personalized Can Coolers 

Though we have a great selection of personalized coolers, including a sports cooler chair that can hold your beer and give you a seat, for your home, it might be better to use these Personalized Black Leather Individual Can Coolers. First of all, unlike big coolers, which keep your drinks cool until you take them out and pop them open, this individual cooler will stave off the summer heat for much longer. Secondly, they are classy as hell.


Grill Master Swag

No point in beating around the bush, if you want to assert your status as Grill Master, might as well wear it loud and proud. This Personalized Grill Master T-Shirt comes in 50/50 pre-shrunk cotton ploy blend and the design is printed directly onto the fabric, so it won’t peel or crack.

Grill Master T-Shirt



Don’t want to dedicate a T-Shirt to grilling? You can get a Personalized Grill Master Apron instead. It’s also got two front pockets to keep your best grill tools handy.

Grill Master Apron








A Lesson in Liquor: The History of Moscow Mule Mugs

A Lesson in Liquor: The History of Moscow Mule Mugs

If you’ve ever ordered yourself Moscow Mule, you’ve probably noticed that it is housed (almost) exclusively in a copper mug. A Gift Personalized decided to take a deeper look into why the ginger beer and vodka blend is paired with such a specific vessel.

Personalized Moscow Mule Mug
Personalized Moscow Mule Mug from A Gift Personalized

While many cocktails require a certain type of glassware, such as martinis, Moscow Mules seem to be the only drink partial to copper. Copper has been known for centuries to help liquids retain their temperature, but that doesn’t explain why the metal isn’t used for more drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. As it turns out, the purpose of the mug at the inception of the Moscow Mule wasn’t scientific, but resourceful.

In 1941, three business people, who couldn’t seem to sell their products, decided to come Moscow Mule poured at its birthplace, the Cock 'N' Bull Pubtogether and cut their losses. John Martin had struggled with making a profit on his vodka because, at that time, hardly anyone in the US was drinking it. Jack Morgan’s side passion, ginger beer, began to pile up in his basement. Sophie Berezinski’s house was cluttered with upwards of 2,000 copper mugs, imprinted with a mule she designed, that she schlepped along with her when immigrating from Russia. At the Cock ‘n’ Bull pub in Hollywood, these three spent hours coming up with the perfect recipe for the lively libation we know today as the Moscow Mule.

      Originally known as the Smirnoff Mule, the drink was an instant success in bars all around southern California. As word spread, the Moscow Mule became one of the most popular drinks of the 50s and 60s. Though the drink itself began to lose a bit of traction two decades after it was invented, the ginger-infused concoction put Smirnoff on the map, making it one of the most popular brands of Vodka, ever.

      Liquor enthusiasts everywhere have upheld the tradition of serving Moscow Mules in the iconic copper mug for over 75 years, and we hope that never stops. Because of its rich history, a personalized Moscow Mule mug from A Gift Personalized is the perfect gift for any cocktail connoisseur!

Click here to get your own Monogrammed Moscow Mule Mug 

(say that three times fast)


The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Personalized Picture Frames

The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Personalized Picture Frames

Fresh out of Anniversary gift ideas this year? We think that Personalized Picture Frames are the perfect Anniversary gift that you haven't thought of! There's no better way to honor and beautify a treasured photo than placing it in a personalized picture frame. We have a terrific selection of frames in many different categories for every occasion and loved one. We also offer custom picture frames that pay tribute to your memories of the dearly departed. Whatever the occasion is we have customized picture frames that will fit the part.

Personalized Picture Frame

Our Favorite Personalized Picture Frames for Your Anniversary:

  1. Personalized Souvenir State Picture Frame - Choose your state and personalize this rustic picture frame with your family name and city!
  2. Personalized Prom Frame - Anniversaries aren't just for married couples! Personalized picture frames are a more personal, unique token of your love than a stuffed animal or promise ring. Personalize this frame with the name of your school, the year and your names for an unforgettable gift.
  3. Personalized Frame - Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Picture - This elegant wedding-themed picture frame provides the ideal place to highlight a favorite wedding or honeymoon photo. The design is simple yet classic and is a fitting tribute to the new Mr. and Mrs. and the joy of their special day.
  4. Personalized Parchment Love Picture Frame - Commemorate a significant individual in your life with our personalized parchment picture frame. A bold caption signifies your relationship to the recipient or notes a distinctive occasion worthy of an elegant frame such as this one. Add a name and date for a truly special personalized gift.
  5. Personalized Picture Frame - Love - Celebrate "love" with this delightful selection of charismatic Personalized Love Picture Frames, all emblazoned with that important 4-letter word. Suitable for engagement or wedding photos or simply that favorite couple's pic, our Love frames are neutral enough to complement a variety of decor.

Still haven't found the perfect personalized picture frame? Browse our entire collection of personalized picture frame here.


Top 10 Favorite Personalized Canvas Wall Art

Top 10 Favorite Personalized Canvas Wall Art

The family room is a very important space in your home. This is the space where everyone comes together after a long day, unwinds, reconnects and relaxes. We feel that it's important to add a personal touch to your family room to create a warm, beautiful space that you look forward to falling into every evening. This is where our Personalized Canvas Prints come in!

What better way to add your own personal touch to your home than with Personalized Canvas Wall Art? Get your name, your city, your state, or even a personal joke or reference that only you and those closest to you would understand printed on your canvas wall art! Our vast selection of inspiring custom, stretched canvas signs delivers high quality and chic design effortlessly. With so many canvas wall art and signs to choose from and all the different ways you can personalize it, you can have anything you want.

Our selection of canvas prints come in every style imaginable. We've rounded up our list of Top 10 Favorite Personalized Canvas Wall Art Here:

1. Personalized Everlasting Love Tree Carving Canvas Sign

2. Rustic Family Rules

3. Personalized Knot Canvas Signs

4. Personalized Love & Romance Canvas Sign

5. Personalized Watercolor Love Canvas Sign

6. "Our Story" Personalized Couples Canvas Signs

7. Personalized Urban Alphabet III Black and White Architectural Family Name Sign

8. Personalized Wood Lake House Canvas Sign

9. Personalized Because We Fell In Love State Canvas Sign

10. Personalized Reclaimed Kitchen Family Canvas Sign