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6 Cliches to Avoid This Valentine's Day

6 Cliches to Avoid This Valentine's Day

Here is a list of everything you were thinking of getting for your sweetheart, but really shouldn't. Not only do they lack creativity and originality, they're just plain boring.



Or any flowers really. Red roses have been jammed down our throats as the official flower of Valentine's Day, but we aren't buying it (literally). Why are we showing our eternal love for someone with a gift that dies in 3 days?

Box of Chocolates 

Unless you're shopping for a chocoholic and found them some exotic truffles from Bariloche, this gift screams "I didn't put any thought into today". 


ESPECIALLY a heart necklace. We promise, she already has 3 from her past exes. 


We're going out on a limb here, but going out to dinner is probably something you already do with your significant other. This is one day out of the year to do something different! 


Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who need to be reminded. If you and your sweetheart have verbally agreed on not celebrating Valentine's Day, this doesn't apply to you. For everyone else, your SO is 100% expecting you to acknowledge the day. 



What to do instead:

Pack a lunch

It doesn't even have to be fancy. Make your Valentine's favorite sandwich, buy a bottle of wine, add a side salad, and finish with a homemade desert like cookies or brownies. Bonus points if you surprise them at work (but save the wine for later if you do).

Canvas sign


A unique gift to commemorate your relationship, whether you're married or not. No matter where they decide to hang it, they'll have beautiful reminder of you!

Destination Jar

Don't choose where to go for your Valentine's Day date, leave it up to chance. First, decide how long you would like to drive for. The longer you drive, the more fun this will be. Then, write each cardinal direction on it's own piece of paper and put them in a jar. Pick one out of the jar and start driving in that direction. Be sure you are replacing the pieces of paper after drawing them. After 15 minutes, pick another direction, then take the next turn or exit towards it. Keep doing this until you've reached your time limit, then pick the first restaurant or attraction you see. 


We hope your Valentine's day is sweet!

Clever Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Clever Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Want to announce your upcoming nuptials with something a bit more exciting than a Facebook post? These ideas will make your engagement reveal that much more memorable:


Throw a party (but don’t tell them why).

  1. Hang this custom He Asked & I Said Yes sign in your living room

Personalized Couple Canvas Sign - He Asked -  - Canvas Prints - AGiftPersonalized

2. Invite all of your family and friends over

3. See how long it takes them to notice.

Your best bet is to find a good excuse for the party (i.e. the Superbowl, St. Patrick’s Day, National Taco Day, etc). Unless you’re known for spontaneous shindigs, your guests may figure out the news beforehand if don’t give them a reason to come.


A Photoshoot

Often times, the engagement shoot comes after the official announcement. Knock them off their feet with the big reveal AND beautiful photos at the same time. This also gives you a lot of room to be creative with your announcement.

You can post a simple, no-caption photo with you and your soon-to-be spouse clinking custom wine glasses and let the rings do the talking, or go all out like these two did!


A T-shirt.

Personalized Bride T-Shirt -  - T-Shirts - AGiftPersonalized

Have a family get-together coming up? Incorporate the announcement into your outfit for the day! Like the sign, a shirt with the news printed on it could be something that you wait for others to notice, or if you want a flashier reveal, get everyone’s attention when you take off your jacket!


A Puzzle (or any other game, really).

This one works best if you’re only making the special announcement to a few people, and plan on telling the rest via social media or email. Make your family and/or closest friends figure out the big news for themselves in a fun way. No need to get too fancy, you can find a puzzle outline online, type your message over it, print it out and cut it up.

Everything You Need for a Spa Day at Home

Everything You Need for a Spa Day at Home

Whether you’re stuck for a Valentine’s day idea, or just want to surprise your significant other with a day of pampering, an at-home spa day is a cost-effective yet thoughtful date idea that you should be putting together right now.


What you’ll need:


Face masks.

A spa day MUST. You can make your own with household ingredients, or cheat and buy them at your local retail store.



A queen (or king) deserves their vestments. Nothing says “relaxing” quite like freeing yourself of the confines of clothing with a soft, personalized robe.



Buy them their favorite bottle of bubbly. Remember when we said this is a cost-effective date? That doesn’t apply here – you should splurge. Don’t forget the wine glasses!



Rest your head while your face mask sets in. These pillows also make the perfect decoration on your bed long after your spa day is over.



Dry off from your bath or foot soak with a personalized towel. Not only can these be used during your spa day, embroidered towels will also make the perfect, usable memento for your honey to cherish for the years to come.



Round out the ambience by lighting a candle or two. You can use a scented candle you already have at home, or get a personalized one from us to remember this special day.



What you get is up to you, but food is not optional. Chocolates are always a good option for a spa day, but so are an assortment of berries. Make sure you get your partner their preferred treats!



But not for eating. Apparently, cucumbers take the dark circles out from under your eyes. While we don’t know if this actually works, we do know they will make your spa day look that much more authentic.

Top 7 Gifts for Kids!

Top 7 Gifts for Kids!

Kids LOVE to see their name in print, which is why personalized gifts are the way to go for any occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Party Favors, etc. These 7 gifts have your little munchkins’ names written all over them (literally).


Personalized Definition Canvas Sign

Personalized Kids Definition Canvas Sign -  - Canvas Prints - AGiftPersonalized
Give your kids a constant reminder of how awesome they are 😉



Personalized Rawlings Mini Baseball Bat

Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

For your favorite little leaguer. We have mini hockey sticks, too, if ice is more their style.



Personalized Room Signs

Personalized Boys and Sports Themed Room Signs -  - Gifts for Kids - AGiftPersonalized

Help them dec out their room with custom sign. We have plenty of styles to match any child’s personality.



Personalized Growth Chart

Personalized Rocket Ruler Growth Chart for Boys - Rocket Height Chart -  - Gifts for Kids - AGiftPersonalized

Kids love to see how tall they’re growing (probably even more than the love to see their name in print). Spare the door frame and get them a growth chart to match their room.



Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized Kid's Sports Water Bottles - Tennis -  - Gifts for Kids - AGiftPersonalized
Cool water bottles to ensure they won’t get mixed up at soccer practice or the ballet studio. With several sports to choose from, this is an excellent gift for anyone shopping for a pint-sized athlete.



Personalized Yo-Yo

Personalized Yoyo Toy

A unique personalized gift they can play with!



Personalized Canvas Tote

Personalized Girl Canvas Tote-Ladybug -  - Gifts for Kids - AGiftPersonalized

This gift puts the fun in functional. Whether going to the beach, amusement park, or a sleepover, this tote will help them keep all of their stuff together in style.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Personalized Picture Frames

The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Personalized Picture Frames

Fresh out of Anniversary gift ideas this year? We think that Personalized Picture Frames are the perfect Anniversary gift that you haven't thought of! There's no better way to honor and beautify a treasured photo than placing it in a personalized picture frame. We have a terrific selection of frames in many different categories for every occasion and loved one. We also offer custom picture frames that pay tribute to your memories of the dearly departed. Whatever the occasion is we have customized picture frames that will fit the part.

Personalized Picture Frame

Our Favorite Personalized Picture Frames for Your Anniversary:

  1. Personalized Souvenir State Picture Frame - Choose your state and personalize this rustic picture frame with your family name and city!
  2. Personalized Prom Frame - Anniversaries aren't just for married couples! Personalized picture frames are a more personal, unique token of your love than a stuffed animal or promise ring. Personalize this frame with the name of your school, the year and your names for an unforgettable gift.
  3. Personalized Frame - Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Picture - This elegant wedding-themed picture frame provides the ideal place to highlight a favorite wedding or honeymoon photo. The design is simple yet classic and is a fitting tribute to the new Mr. and Mrs. and the joy of their special day.
  4. Personalized Parchment Love Picture Frame - Commemorate a significant individual in your life with our personalized parchment picture frame. A bold caption signifies your relationship to the recipient or notes a distinctive occasion worthy of an elegant frame such as this one. Add a name and date for a truly special personalized gift.
  5. Personalized Picture Frame - Love - Celebrate "love" with this delightful selection of charismatic Personalized Love Picture Frames, all emblazoned with that important 4-letter word. Suitable for engagement or wedding photos or simply that favorite couple's pic, our Love frames are neutral enough to complement a variety of decor.

Still haven't found the perfect personalized picture frame? Browse our entire collection of personalized picture frame here.