Engraved & Monogrammed Cufflinks

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    The perfect pair of customized cufflinks can mean the difference between a pulled-together ensemble and a terrifying question: What's missing? Pair your personality with our collection of personalized cufflinks, and discover what a simple but necessary detail can do for your style. Discover the exact monogrammed cufflinks you've been searching for and impress loved ones, bosses, groomsmen, or your favorite suit-and-tie-wearing friend.

    Engraved Cufflinks for Every Style & Occasion

    Personalized cufflinks add the finishing touch (and uniquely customized look) to any dress shirt.

    Engraved cufflinks can be made from a variety of materials. Cufflinks come in all sorts of colors and shapes. They make excellent gifts due to their small size and modest cost. For an added personal touch, birthstones can be embedded into a set of our custom cufflinks for the perfect birthday or anniversary present.

    How to wear cufflinks:

    • Match with the tie
    • Jacket or no jacket is okay
    • Match the metal with the metal elements of your belt buckle, watch, and shoes
    • Avoid wearing two different cufflinks (they should be a pair)
    • Decorated part should face out
    • Design/initials should read upright to others

    Remember that a nice shirt is only one part of the style equation. You need cufflinks to stick the landing.

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