Engraved & Personalized Pocket Knives and Pocket Tools

Engraved & Personalized Pocket Knives and Pocket Tools

Personalized pocket knives and tools are an ideal gift for your son’s graduation. They also make great gifts for Dad on Father’s Day. Pocket knives or tools with the recipient’s name or any other message engraved on it are especially thoughtful gifts. With an engraved message, you can show your loved one that you care by adding a personal touch to their gift.

We offer a range of knives and pocket tools that can be custom engraved to send the recipient of your gift the message you want them to hear. Bottle openers, pocket knives, fillet knives, key chains and more are available as gift sets. Each can be given a unique look with a personal etching of your choosing, tailored to the recipient of the gift.

For Father’s Day, our flask and lighter gift sets are a great gift. Tell your Dad you care by giving him a gift that is all his own, with his name and a personal message included. As a gift for your son’s graduation, our multi-purpose pocket tool is ideal. It will help to outfit him for his future career, or it could give him another useful tool for working in the shop. All of our gifts also make excellent birthday presents. You can engrave their age, or the year they were born, or any other special words for them on their birthday.

A personalized gift can also be treasured and given a special place on the mantle for years to come. It is a constant reminder to your loved one of the extra care you put into the gift on their special occasion.

Our prices are low, and we carry only quality items, with solid construction. Your custom message is etched through our quality engraving process, beautifully finished. For a gift on your loved one’s special day, a personalized gift shows them that you care, and they will cherish the gift for years to come.

Engraved & Personalized Pocket Knives and Pocket Tools

All men, whatever their walk of life, like the heft and feel of fine pocket knives and pocket tools. For many men, they are as indispensable as their watch and car keys.

Our personalized pocket knives and tools have an heirloom look. And when you give our knives as gifts, engraving them with the recipient's name or initials ensures that you will be remembered as a very thoughtful friend, relative or spouse. Adding a date helps commemorate the occasion, too.

We offer custom pocket knives and tools with a wide range of styles and functions. For example, our Klondike Lockback Knife has a flashlight for those times when you need a sharp instrument, but the sun has turned in for the night, or the power company has doused your lights.