A Guide to Monogramming

Since monogramming first appeared as early as 350 BC on coins, artists, craft makers, and the likes have been monogramming to provide a unique style and personalization. Today, monogramming comes in many different forms. We'll go through the most popular monogrammed gifts and the different options when it comes to personalizing.


Monogramming with engravings most often refers to metals or wood, but also works for several other surfaces. Engraving is the process of carving out part of an item to leave the personalized initials permanently on the object.

Custom engravings provides a personal touch to any gift you give to him.

Commonly engraved gifts include:

Make her feel special with a personalized engraving. The custom monogram will really show you care.

Commonly engraved gifts include:

This technique refers specifically to glass products. Monogramming glassware, mirrors, etc. is a very classy and personalized method for gift giving. Give a pub set or wine glasses monogrammed with their initials to commemorate the special occasion. The most referred to method of monogramming is embroidery. This is the craft of decorating cloth with different types of thread stitching. This can be embellished with different colors, beads, yarn, sequins, or other additions.

Commonly embroidered gifts include:

Embossing is the process of pressing leather with a specific design, pattern, or lettering. Monogram your leather gifts to provide a classic, personalized touch. Commonly embossed gifts include journals, leather cased flasks, etc. The most traditional and widely used form of monogramming, print can be used on almost any surface. Monogram anything from mugs , to coolers, to humidors to provide personalized gifts to your friends and family. Etiquette Guide

When personalizing a gift, it is important to use proper etiquette. Below is a guide for different monograming. Monogramming for one person:

3 Letters:

When using someone's full initials (including their middle name), proper etiquette says that the last name should be represented in the middle, as the largest letter. For example – if Stephanie Marie Brown were to have something monogrammed it would show as: SBM However if you prefer to have all the lettering the same size, they initials should be in order: SMB

2 Letters:

For a 2 letter monogram, the initials should be placed in order: SB Monogramming for a couple: Similar to a singular monogram, a couple's monogram should represent the common last name as the center initial in larger lettering. If Stephanie Marie Brown and James Christopher Brown had something monogrammed together this would show as: SBJ