A Personalized Cross Makes a Special Gift

Religion and belief in God are an important part of many individual's lives. Putting their trust in a higher being brings comfort and solace to many and they show their devotion by attending worship services and participating in the rites of the church. Christians, in particular, enjoy celebrating the times that truly mark them as Christians, including events such as baptism/christening, Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

For many, these times prompt gatherings with family and friends and a chance for people of common beliefs to celebrate these special events together. Parties are often part of the festivities and with parties come gifts for the honoree. In many cases, the gift of a religious symbol is appropriate. In particular, Christians often choose to display crosses in their homes, so the gift of a cross is ideal. What's even more special is the gift of a personalized cross, which is customized for a particular person on a particular occasion.

The first religious event in the life of most Christian children is baptism, also referred to in the Catholic church as a christening. This occasion proclaims the baptized to be a "child of God" and marks the beginning of a Christian life for the child. The gift of a personalized cross is perfect for this occasion. These crosses, available in a wide variety of styles, can be personalized with the baby's/child's name and the date of the event. In addition, many of these crosses include appropriate sentences of Scripture or some other Christian prayer.

The day a child receives their First Holy Communion is such a special one! It marks the first time that the youngster accepts symbols of the body and blood of Christ. In return, the gift of a special cross that commemorates this occasion would be ideal! Communion crosses come in a variety of styles and colors from very traditional to quite contemporary. Name and date can be featured in personalization and a prayer or line of Scripture may be included. Similar items are available for Confirmation.

Personalized crosses can also be given as wedding gifts or as housewarming presents for a couple or family moving into a new home. Most hang on the wall but some also come with a stand and can be placed on a table or bookshelf. They add a touch of grace to any room and are a keepsake that can be treasured for decades.