Best Wedding Gifts

Weddings are special occasions! Most of us enjoy being invited to the weddings of family members and friends, eager to watch the touching ceremony and to gather with others to celebrate and party the night away!

Of course, whenever you attend a wedding, a gift is expected. Gifts are just one way to let the newlyweds know how much you love them, and the best wedding gifts are the ones that require a bit of thought. While cash and gift cards are useful, they do tend to be a bit boring. And presents from a gift registry list are predictable! So how about something a bit different? Next time you're headed to a wedding, take a look at the long list of personalized wedding gifts available for purchase.

Personalized presents range from traditional wedding gifts to those that are just a bit more unique. For example, you might want to choose a personalized picture frame, which is ideal for displaying a favorite photo from the ceremony or reception. These frames feature the names of the happy couple and the date of the wedding.

Some of the best wedding gifts that feature personalization include unique prints that are perfect for the walls of the couple's new home. Like picture frames, these prints come in a variety of styles and might include an appropriate romantic scene and the name of the bride and groom and date of the wedding inscribed in one corner. Some prints simply feature the couple's last name written in an ornate font surrounded by a pretty design, appropriate for just about any room in the house. They're a great housewarming present, too!

Other personalized wedding gifts include barware such as wine, champagne, or beer glasses. This glassware can be etched with the last initial of the newlyweds, which makes it uniquely theirs. Some are sold in single units while others are available in sets. Other personalized bar items include wine bottle stoppers, bottle openers or cork screws, and coaster sets.

If the bride and groom are Christian individuals, one of the best wedding gifts available is a personalized cross. These can be purchased in a variety of styles, from very traditional wood or wood-like pieces to something much more contemporary. Most of the personalized wedding crosses include the name of the couple, the date of the ceremony, a Christian symbol of some sort, and usually a few lines from Scripture or an appropriate prayer. Many couples hang them in their living room or bedroom as a reminder of their faith.