Crosses are Appropriate Gifts for a Variety of Religious Occasions

A representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the cross has long been the ultimate symbol of Christianity. It is believed that the cross has been an icon of the followers of Jesus Christ since the early second century, and today it is used to represent the sacrifice that Jesus made for his followers around the world. The cross comes in many styles but the one most often seen in the U.S. includes just two simple pieces that intersect one another. Roman Catholics depict Jesus on the cross while Protestant denominations most often show an empty cross.

Many Christians wear a cross around their neck. Others display one in their home, either in plain sight for all to see or in more private places such as in their bedrooms. A look at the cross reminds them of the depth of their faith.

Many people receive crosses for special occasions in their religious or personal life, ranging from christening/baptism and First Holy Communion to Confirmation or even as a wedding present. Indeed, a cross is a wonderful gift for these events, and while a plain wooden cross or a gold-toned crucifix is certainly lovely, the gift of a personalized cross is even more special.

If you've been invited to a notable spiritual occasion, consider foregoing the usual gift of money. Instead, present the honored individual with a unique personalized cross designed especially for that person. If the gift is for a child, browse the huge variety of kid-themed crosses that are available. These are far different than the usual wooden crosses that might hang on the wall in a place of worship. Instead, they're colorful and kid-appropriate, featuring the name of the child the date of the special occasion – Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation. Generally, additional text on the face of the cross includes an appropriate prayer or an inspirational line of Scripture. Most hang on the wall or can stand on a bookshelf or dresser.

For newly married couples, a personalized cross can commemorate the blessing of a marriage. Christian couples might be presented with one of any number of personalized crosses that indeed make appropriate wedding gifts. Most wedding crosses include a plaque that features a sacred or secular symbol of Holy Matrimony, such as rings or perhaps hearts or a dove. A prayer or Scripture sentence about love might be included on the cross as well. There's also space for the first names of the couple and the date of the ceremony.

Of course, personalized crosses don't have to be given for just religious occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, or any other landmark day are appropriate times for the gift of a cross, including those that are designed especially for people of certain nationalities, such as Celtic crosses for Irish Christians who wish to celebrate both their faith and their ancestry.