Finding Unique Wedding Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

Going to a wedding is fun! It's a great time to celebrate with the bride and groom and often a wonderful occasion for spending time with family and friends who you don't often get the chance to see. But while being a wedding guest is generally stress-free, choosing the right wedding present is often a chore, especially if you're the kind of person that would rather not give cash or gift cards but prefer to be creative in your gift giving.

When searching for unique wedding gifts for the newlyweds, consider giving them something personalized to help celebrate their new life together. Think about it. What could be better than an item or items that include the new last name or initials that they are now sharing?

Browse the abundance of personalized items available and you'll find many unique wedding gifts on the list. How about something to hang on the wall of the new home they now share together? Framed prints that include their name(s) or initials are ideal. These prints are available in a variety of styles. Some include a romantic scene, like a beach or sunset, while others are simply a design formed around the couple's last name. You might also consider photo frames, wine glasses engraved with the first letter of the couple's last name, or keepsake boxes.

Many of these presents can also be used as wedding anniversary gifts. Some of these items, like the ones made of sterling silver, are especially appropriate for 25th anniversaries but will certainly be appreciated at any time. For Christian couples, personalized anniversary crosses featuring the number of the landmark anniversary (5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, etc.) and either a religious or non-religious verse are especially nice and these wedding anniversary gifts are a great way to remember that special day.