“Manly” Personalized Gifts include Flasks and Money Clips

These days, there are a bevy of personalized gifts available in a variety of categories, from jewelry and clothing to pub signs and posters, but some of those items are uniquely masculine and are the perfect gifts for the man in your life for a variety of occasions.

Personalized flasks are one of those items. Though flasks do come in styles that have a bit of a feminine slant, the vast majority of flask carriers are men. Many men appreciate the opportunity to indulge a little and enjoy toting their favorite libation with them on various occasions, especially when it's cold outside and that little nip can offer an extra bit of warmth.

Personalized flasks come in a variety of styles. Many are made of stainless steel for extra durability and are small enough to fit in a pocket. Some models are adorned with handsome leather, for an executive look. Others might be enhanced with the logo of a favorite sports team. Some are strangely-shaped while others are very traditional.

Another "manly" item is a money clip, another way for a gentleman to carry his paper currency or credit cards rather than in a traditional wallet. Personalized money clips make great gifts for that special guy. They tend to be much more stylish than a wallet and many men prefer to carry them because they are light weight and can be carried in a front pocket or inside jacket pocket, where they fit easily.

Some personalized money clips are made of sterling silver and, like flasks, may be enhanced with materials like leather. Usually, the personalization on the front of the money clip includes initials, nicely engraved in your choice of font. Some clips include sports team images while others are multi-function, including timepiece money clips, which feature a watch face.