Mark a Special Religious Occasion with Personalized Baptism Gifts

Baptism is a notable day in the life of any young child! Often, it's the beginning of a child's life of faith and a sure mark of their relationship with God. In many denominations, baptisms occur when the child is very young and most children won't remember the day they were baptized. That's why it's important to mark the occasion with some sort of gift that will – someday – remind them of the day when they were made special in the eyes of the Lord. Things like money and savings bonds are always suitable presents, but many people prefer to give tangible items that the child can treasure as they grow. Personalized baptism gifts make ideal presents!

One very logical choice in honor of the occasion is a cross. The ultimate symbol of Christianity, a cross is an item that can be displayed in the home, particularly in the child's bedroom. It's something that can remain on the wall or standing on a bookshelf through the child's growing years, reminding him of the importance of his faith. Personalized crosses are available in a variety of sizes and styles, from very traditional wood-look designs to others that are much more contemporary. You'll find blue for boys and pink for girls as well as many other colors and designs. Most include a prayer or a line or two from Scripture along with the name of the child and the date of the baptism.

Other personalized baptism gifts of a religious nature include bibles, especially picture bibles that will introduce young children to the most notable stories in both the Old and New Testament. Personalized bibles for older children and adults are also available. Usually, these have the recipient's name imprinted on the front cover and, in some cases, may have space for a date as well.

A baptismal candle is also a lovely idea. This can be presented to the family before the ceremony takes place and may be lit during the service and while the child is being baptized. Most baptismal candles include an image of a religious symbol, such as a cross or dove, as well as space for the child's name, the location of the baptism, and the date of the event.

Finally, if you are headed to a party in honor of the baptized, check out today's popular personalized signature frames. These are attractive frames that surround a small picture of the baby framed by a mat where guests can sign their name and offer their sentiments. It's a great keepsake for both the baby and the parents - an item that can be displayed in the child's room or anywhere in the house, indicative of the love that surrounds the family.