Personalization Makes Traditional Anniversary Gifts Extra Special

Whether celebrating 5 years of marital bliss or 50 years of happy married life, an anniversary is a special event, especially in this day and age when the divorce rate in the United States tops fifty percent! Most married folks will tell you that the joy of having a loving and supportive partner has no equal, especially when times are tough and extra love is more important than ever.

So when it comes time to celebrate the anniversary of someone's wedding day, you'll want to make sure that you buy them a gift that truly celebrates their love.

A century ago, there was a list of traditional anniversary gifts with which you should reward the happy couple. For example, the suggested gift for the first anniversary was paper. The correct gift for the fifth anniversary was wood. These traditions, however, have long gone by the wayside. Now there's a new list of other suggested items, such as clocks for the first anniversary and silverware for the fifth, but most individuals rarely consult that list. Instead, shoppers are looking for something unique that won't be duplicated by lots of other gift-givers.

Marriage anniversary gifts between the two members of a couple can be as simple as flowers or perhaps dinner out at a favorite restaurant. Sometimes jewelry is involved or perhaps a trip to a favorite destination. It's usually more difficult, however, for others to find appropriate gifts for the couple – something that they can enjoy together. While cash is always a nice gesture, why not consider a personalized anniversary gift for your favorite couple when their special day rolls around?

While you won't find most personalized items on that aforementioned list of traditional anniversary gifts, you'll find plenty that are more than suitable for today's modern couples. Picture frames, for example, are always an excellent idea. Available in a variety of styles and designs, personalized picture frames provide a unique way to display a favorite photo, whether it's from a special moment way back when or from present times.

Does your favorite couple travel a lot? If so, consider something like Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags or perhaps matching duffel bags for those quick weekend getaways. If they are fans of good wine, they might enjoy some sort of wine-related gift including monogrammed wine glasses (usually available for white or red vintages) or perhaps a wine accessory gift set. Other barware is also suitable as an anniversary present, including beer glasses or mugs, coasters, and more.

Other possible personalized marriage anniversary gifts include prints to hang in the home, memory or keepsake boxes, jewelry, or items related to favorite hobbies. And don't forget to include their names and the date of their anniversary.