Personalized Christening Gifts

The birth of a baby is a grand occasion and for many parents of the Christian faith, a christening or baptism is yet another time to celebrate. A baby's christening represents a time when he/she is welcomed into God's church and to the congregation in which he is being baptized, and for many it represents the beginning of a lifelong connection with a particular faith or denomination.

Once the ceremony is complete at the church, many parents welcome friends and family to attend a christening party at their home or at a restaurant. Held in honor of the newly-baptized little one, these parties are a good opportunity to admire the baby and visit with friends and family. Of course, as with most parties, guests are generally expected to arrive with a gift. Many bring a check or perhaps a savings bond. But there are other options for christening gifts that will long be treasured by the parents and, later, the child.

Personalized christening gifts are an excellent idea and these religious items are more than appropriate for this occasion. One possible selection is a personalized baptismal cross bearing the name of the child, the date of the special event, and often an appropriate Bible verse or other inscription. There are additional crosses available that are not specifically for a christening celebration but are still suitable as a present for a religious occasion as special as this one. These crosses might include a bedtime prayer or other verse appropriate for a child and are a nice addition to the bedroom wall.

Another excellent christening gift is a personalized baptismal candle. This item includes name and date and will be lit for the first time at or after the baptismal service. Parents may choose to light it again each year to commemorate the child's birthday or anniversary of their baptism. Other personalized gifts for young children that make appropriate christening gifts include silver plated banks bearing the child's name or personalized baby-themed photo frames. All these items can be part of a child's world for years to come and serve as an excellent remembrance of this important occasion.