Personalized Christian Gifts

Many occasions call for gifts, including birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, graduation, and lots of others. In the lives of Christian individuals, there are also additional events that call for celebration and which are an appropriate time to give a meaningful gift. These include baptisms – either for babies or older individuals, Holy Communion, Confirmation, and – of course – marriage, considered a sacred bond by all Christian denominations.

Most of us are eager to write a check or provide a gift card for these occasions, not always taking the time to select a gift that is unique and will be long treasured. Why not, instead, consider something with true Christian significance, like a personalized cross that can be specific to a number of special occasions in the life of a Christian individual? Personalized crosses are available to mark any number of events, including the birth of a child, a significant event in their Christian life (including Baptism,Communion, and Confirmation), and for weddings. Usually, these crosses include not only the name of the person being honored and the date of the event, but also an appropriate verse from the Holy Bible. The crosses might also include a Christian symbol or other icon, like a dove, a heart, or intertwined wedding rings. Crosses such as these can become part of the recipient’s home décor; a lasting reminder of a special event.

Personalized candles are also an ideal way to pay homage to a particular Christian occasion. Unity candles emblazoned with biblical verses have become commonplace at Christian wedding ceremonies throughout the last 30 years or so. The unity candle is lit by the bride and groom during the ceremony and can then be saved as a wedding keepsake for years to come. Other candles are available to commemorate baptisms/christenings,anniversaries, and First Communion. Some candles are also appropriate merely as gifts of friendship, noting what a blessing it is to have special friends.