Personalized Gifts for Him

They say women are hard to please but, truth is, buying an appropriate gift for a man – whether he's close to you or just a co-worker or casual acquaintance – can be really difficult. Flowers and candy are out, for the most part, and clothes aren't always appreciated either. Of course, there are always power tools and other handy man-type gifts, but those aren't ideal either. What a man needs is something that'll stroke his ego – namely, something chosen especially for him.

That's why personalized gifts are ideal any time you need to find a present for a member of the male persuasion. Whether you're buying a gift for a birthday, graduation, or Father's Day, or even for your groomsmen in commemoration of that special day, personalized items provide him with something that's one-of-a-kind and chosen with his likes and interests in mind.

These days, more and more male-oriented personalized items are available for a variety of occasions. These guy gifts range from sports-related trinkets and handsome jewelry to wine and cigar accessories for the aficionado. Most include enough room for a name and date and some have extra space for an additional personalized message.

If your man is a sports fanatic, look for items such as water bottles, sports-related photos or signs, fishing or all-purpose knives, golf accessories, or barware bearing the name and logo of his favorite team. Similarly, if he likes to hide out in his "man cave", choose a personalized gift for that special spot in the house including beverage coolers, beer cozies, poker sets, coasters, or vintage signs for the walls of his manly room.

If your man likes jewelry, choose an attractive pair of cufflinks, a handsome pocket watch, or a unique ID bracelet. These are ideal for a number of occasions including high school or college graduation and Father's Day. Some of these same items make appropriate groomsmen gifts as well and help him remember the day his buddy tied the proverbial knot and became an old married man.

Other personalized gifts for men include desk and office accessories, travel kits and totes, humidors for the cigar collector, mugs and other glassware, wine-related gifts, and even Zippo lighters.

Consider his unique interests before making a choice and think about the personalization. Wrap the gift in attractive packaging and be sure to include a congratulatory card or a short note thanking him for his help and support. Even men can be a little bit sentimental and he'll appreciate the thought!