Personalized Gifts from the Heart

Count the events during the course of just one year when you want to tell someone how much you love them, and you'll no doubt come up with an astounding number of occasions. But saying "I Love You" should happen more often than just Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special dates. And while all of these occasions are important, expressions of love should also be spontaneous and creative and happen on a whim.

Flowers and candy are fine in some situations, but when you really want the sentiment to be special, reward the object of your adoration with a unique personalized gift. Personalized gifts that say "Love you!" might just be the best way to get his/her attention and to let he/she know that your love is true and everlasting.

But what should you choose? Most women, of course, love jewelry, so a gift such as a personalized necklace, locket, or bracelet is always a good bet. These jewelry items can be personalized with a first name or initials and may also include the date of a particularly auspicious occasion, such as an engagement or wedding date. Men enjoy nice jewelry as well, so it's certainly appropriate to honor them with such items as personalized cuff links, ID bracelets, or handsome pocket watches.

Less sentimental gifts might include sturdy gear for the loved one who enjoys traveling, including overnight or duffel bags. Other popular personalized gifts that say "I love you" include wine accessories or cigar accessories, frames, vases, jewelry or trinket boxes, and pretty personalized mugs or glassware.