Personalized Wedding Unity Candles - Wedding Candles

Wedding ceremonies feature all sorts of symbolism. The circle of the wedding ring denotes eternity. The white dress is said to be a sign of purity. Rice was once thrown to promote fertility. While some of those symbols are now considered outdated, a more modern tradition includes the use of personalized wedding unity candles to denote the joining of two lives into one.

Such candles came into popular use about 30 years ago and have become nearly traditional in all Christian denominations. Usually featuring one central candle and two smaller candles from which the main candle is lit, personalized wedding unity candles are generally lighted in the middle of the ceremony and may be accompanied by appropriate scripture or music. Sometimes, the parents of the bride and groom light the smaller candles in preparation for the ceremony.

Personalized wedding unity candles are available in a variety of styles. Most are white and usually about 3 to 4 inches wide and about 9 inches tall. Often, the candles are decorated in gold or silver and will feature the name of the happy couple and the date of the wedding. Sometimes, the candle will include a scripture verse such as the often used passage from I Corinthians 13. Others may feature non-religious verses such as a line from a famous love poem. A religious or secular symbol may also appear on the unity candle.

Stands may be purchased separately so that the candle is elevated and able to be seen by all. The stand may be exclusively for the personalized wedding unity candle or may also include a holder on each side for the smaller candles.