Unique Christmas Gifts

We've all been there. It's Christmas morning and we're poised to open our gifts, grateful for all of them but secretly hoping there's something in one of those boxes that's different than all the rest. We've gotten enough socks, shirts, wallets, ties, gloves, candles, and candy over the years to fill a warehouse. So, we ponder, it would really be fun to receive something truly unique.

Unique Christmas gifts are a rarity under most Christmas trees. In this era of gift cards and unimaginative presents, gift-giving seems to have lost its pizzazz. It's so easy to grab a gift certificate to a friend or family member's favorite store or restaurant, stick it inside a greeting card, and send it through the mail or put it under the tree. And while it's nice to have a few extra bucks to spend at a preferred eatery or store, gift cards show a real lack of imagination.

Instead, when searching for unique Christmas gifts, it's a good idea to consider choosing something from the wide range of personalized gifts that are available. These gifts generally feature the name of the recipient, the date, and sometimes another personal sentiment of some sort. The personalization means there's none other like it and also shows the recipient that the giver was thinking of them specifically when they chose the gift. These personalized gifts also make great keepsakes and many are kept in a special place and treasured for years to come.

The choices available in personalized gifts have certainly grown over the years. No longer is the purchaser limited to things like an I.D. bracelet or a mug. While those items are still available, there are many more options from which to pick, including many items that are quite affordable.

Personalized ornaments are among the most unique Christmas gifts available for those on your list. Ornaments can relay all sorts of messages from "I love you" to "Peace on Earth" to a simple "Happy Holidays." They come in a variety of styles from warm and whimsical to romantic to elegant. Some are suitable for kids, others are great for adults.

Other personalized items are a bit more...well...personal. Apparel, jewelry, travel gear, sporting items and other similar gifts are ideal for just about anyone on your list. In addition, personalized home-related items can be purchased as well, including bar and glassware items, wall art, frames, wine- or cigar-related items, and things for your favorite guy's "man cave."

So, this year, take a few minutes to give a little more thought to what will go in those boxes for the favorite people on your list. After all, Christmas is a unique and special holiday that calls for gifts that are truly as special.