Ten Amazing – And Easy- Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

DIY weddings are all the rage these days, but planning and preparing every aspect of your wedding yourself can be both daunting and time consuming. After all, it’s not easy to create individual handcrafted custom gifts for a hundred guests. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can add meaningful, personal touches to your wedding without going to extreme lengths or spending a small fortune.

Here are ten things you can do to make your day extra special, even if you aren’t particularly ‘crafty’!  

1. Create a canvas print to welcome guests to your wedding.

Thanks to a rise in low cost digital printing options, ordering a personalized canvas sign to display by the entrance to your wedding venue couldn’t be easier, or better value even when you factor in the cost of sourcing a wooden easel to place the canvas on. Many couples decide to use a favorite photo of themselves, but there are other options too such as this lovely tree carving image. You can then keep the personalized image as a permanent reminder of your day.

2. Create a collage of photos showing you and your fiancé/fiancée growing up.

Via stylisho.com

It’s always fun to look at baby pictures, and even more fun to see people grow and change. By printing out and framing a series of baby, child (and awkward teenage!) pictures of you and your other half, you’ll amuse your guests and give your wedding a truly personal touch.

3. Make personalized centerpieces.

Table centerpieces don’t have to be floral. If you have a specific hobby or interest, use things you love instead. If you’re both bookworms, why not tie ribbons around stacks of old novels? If you’re a gardener you could create centerpieces out of home grown fruits and vegetables. 

4. Ditch the bridesmaid bouquets.


Similarly, who says that your bridesmaids have to carry flowers? Why not dispense with the floral tradition altogether and have them carry a personalized satin cosmetic bag, clutch purse – or even a funky water bottle? Unlike flowers, a bag or purse will last forever and they can keep it as a permanent reminder of their day.

5. Create personalized photo frames for your bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids will inevitably look fantastic on your wedding day (without overshadowing the bride, of course), so why not treat them to a photo of them looking wonderful in a custom picture frame as a thank you gift…and commemorate your friendship at the same time? 

6. Ask your friend to officiate.

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Not having a religious ceremony? Ask a friend to officiate. (It’s free to get ordained online through the Universal Life Church.) Fun fact: If you live in Colorado or some parts of Pennsylvania, you can even marry yourselves!

7. Use ribbon wands instead of rice.

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Throwing rice at weddings can be messy and you may end up with most of it caught in your hair! Instead, why not source some ribbon wands like the ones used in gymnastics competitions. An added bonus is that you can often match the color of the ribbons to your wedding color scheme.

8. Swap your guest book for a photo mount.

Instead of having guests write in a book that will end up being tucked away in a drawer, why not get them to write on a wedding signature frame, then insert a wedding photo after the event and frame the comments and photo together? You’ll then be able to read the comments and loving messages from friends and family every day.

9. End the ceremony with your favorite cocktail.

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Why not end your ceremony in style by having ushers hand out your favorite cocktail after you kiss the bride/groom, and encouraging your guests to raise a glass to your new status as husband and wife? It’s certainly a fun way to kick off the evening’s festivities.

10. Dance down the aisle to your favorite song.

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Who said that processional music has to be traditional? If you and your partner have a favorite song that makes you think of a particularly happy time you shared, you should use it in the ceremony. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bopping down the aisle to a hit by Lady Gaga, or rocking out to Bruce Springsteen’s back catalog.