Personalized Gifts for Kids

Personalized Gifts for Every Munchkin’s Wish List!

Choosing personalized gifts for kids can seem a lot easier than buying for adults, but this is often not the case. Kids can be picky and the trends always seem to be changing. Here are a few ideas to help when choosing personalized gifts for boys, girls, and babies:

Every Birthday Counts

Lucky for us, kids are pretty vocal about what they want when it comes to their birthday. Ask them and you’ll get plenty of responses. Of course, this may change as the birthday draws closer …

Here are some tell tale ways to think of more creative gifts and what your sibling, child, or family member my want:

  • Often their ideas will come from the commercials they see on TV, so you may want to watch a show or two with them!
  • Ask about what toys their friends have that they love to play with.
  • Drop hints about ideas on what you want to purchase and see how they react!

Gifts for older siblings after a baby's birth

It can be a big change in a child's life when a new sibling comes home. It’s also a great excuse to treat them to a personalized gift! This is a great way to avoid any jealousy when the new baby arrives and takes center stage.

If you are a grandparent, uncle or aunt, it is always a nice option to remind older siblings that you’re still there when they feel like they aren't getting the needed attention they may need. A personalized gift is a great way to show them that they’re on your mind.

Graduation (kindergarten, highschool, or college!)

Mark an important day — the day your loved one graduates kindergarten, high school, or college! Getting a gift to commemorate another year of school or a graduation can help children stay motivated and keep their spirits high as they continue their path towards adulthood.

School isn't always as easy as we remember it, so a gift goes a long way in showing your support for them. Check out great trends for their age group at and see what is popular for them. You can always test the water by dropping hints prior to their graduation and seeing what they latch onto!

Keep in mind, personalized gifts can be great at the end of a school year, but backpacks and journals are often important sentiments for the beginning of a school year as well. Shop all of our custom back to school gifts for children and college students to prepare them for the year ahead!

Summer Fun

School has come and gone, leaving children hyped up on the energy of summer break. Join in on the fun with them by celebrating with a personalized item that helps them soak in every summer memory!

When you’re thinking of getting a gift “just because” these options make great surprises and can be personalized so they’re never lost during big summer parties and events:


Have the best halloween house on the block or throw a memorable Halloween bash. There’s nothing more fun than decorating the house to scare and surprise children and their friends. Serve up to make their Halloween frighteningly fun with decor — and don’t forget a personalized gift for your child to get them in the spirit, like their own Trick or Treat bag!

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Every kid loves to see their name in print and on their very own personalized gifts. Whether it’s a silver-plated yo-yo, personalized sports gear, or vibrant colorful signs and frames for their room — these personalized gifts for boys and girls will bring a smile to their faces. There's something for every boy, girl and newborn on your list in our wide selection of custom gifts for kids.

Do you have twins, a large family to buy for or a special project? View our options below and contact our team with your personal ideas or needs — we’re happy to accommodate bulk orders and unique customization!