Personalized Zippos & Engraved Zippo Lighters

Personalized & Engraved Zippo Lighters

Personalized Zippo lighters and/or engraved Zippo lighters make great gifts for yourself or anyone else in your life! At great prices too! With everyone at nearly 20% off or more! Zippo is celebrating its 85 years of hard work in 2017 and it's a great time to own one of these personalized Zippo lighters. Celebrate, own, collect or gift one today! We have a wide variety of different personalized brass, anniversary, slim and one off lighters that feature something to catch the eye of yourself, any collector or someone special in your life! We also offer a hand warmer made by Zippo! It is small enough to put in your front pocket and while full can last up to 24 hours! This is a great gift for anyone! And at a great price too! We include two lines of professional engraving for free!

Zippo's history includes its founding in 1932 by dedicated workers and the company's deep roots in American Culture have made it a staple in American Society today. You can see these lighters on television as the norm for many decades and generations and most likely will in the future. This is how you envision a custom lighter. These personalized Zippo lighters are a great way to have a real piece of American Culture. Gift yourself or someone close to you customized Zippo lighter. We offer a wide selection to find the one that suits you! You can own and personalize it to turn it into something even more special by making it a one of a kind! This lighter will be the last one you will ever own. They are well made and are tough enough to be able to pass on to future generations. Engraved Zippo lighters are popular among smokers. They are tough, reliable and refillable and a classy way to start a fire! They are a great tool to own!

Personalized Zippos & Engraved Zippo Lighters

A personalized Zippo lighter is one of the most stylish gifts you can give a smoker or a collector. Our engraving of the recipient's name or initials will add panache beyond the luster of these venerable lighters.

Our selection of custom Zippos isn't limited to the plain, stainless steel lighters that have been an American icon for the last 75 years. We also offer custom Zippo lighters with a variety of themes and finishes that are sure to make their new owners smile.

Is there a motorcycle rider on your gift list? A custom Zippo would be a very thoughtful gift for a rider because all Zippo lighters are windproof. Our Harley Zippos feature the famous bar-and-shield logo with a diving eagle, and they're available in two assertive styles.