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Personalized Wedding Party Favors for the Lucky Bieber-Baldwin Guests

Personalized Wedding Party Favors for the Lucky Bieber-Baldwin Guests

Justin and Hailey Wedding Gifts

So, you’re one of the lucky few invited to the Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin wedding extravaganza? What an honor! We know you can’t help but wonder … what are their party favors going to be?

Seriously, what on earth do you think they’ll be giving as wedding gifts for their official reception celebration? This is their official celebration, so will they go big with personalized wedding gift favors or will they stay simple and classy with small gift bags?

Here are a few guesses on what personalized wedding favors their guests could be toting around after the big celebration:


#1 Personalized Family Bible

Yes, it’s become cool to be religious again, thanks to Justin and Hailey’s commitment to attending church together and for the spiritual-rebel tattoos Beiber is famous for.

A customized Bible or Bible cover is sure to make an impression on them, so it may be an easy guess that they’ll share their passion with their close friends and family as well!

Let’s hope they personalize them with their own initials or their guests’ names, but hey, that’s up to Hailey and the Biebs. You may just have to wait and see — then share on your Instagram stories for all of us unlucky ones.

#2: Embroidered Robes & Luxurious Spa Supplies

Spas are a favorite amongst celebs … and just about anyone who needs some relaxing “me time.” So it’s a safe bet to think Justin and Hailey may be planning to splurge on expensive spa gift cards and exclusively-embroidered robes for their wedding guests!

They may even be tempted to treat themselves to luxurious spa gear for their upcoming honeymoon, or his-and-hers customized robes for their new home! Oops, did we just give you a good wedding gift idea? You’re welcome!

#3: Customized Travel Bags

Whether traveling to the Bieber wedding or not, personalized travel bags are an ideal two-for-one gift for wedding party favors. They can be a stylish bag to hold other favors, and a practical gift guests can use again and again.

We suggest the happy couple shop for a high-quality leather bag and personalize it with a sentimental or funny quote, or even their guests’ names!

#4: Engraved Coffee Mugs & Wine Glasses

Justin and Hailey are often snapped by paparazzi while they’re sipping coffee or fancy wines. It’s safe to say they love tasty beverages, which could mean they also love customized wine glasses or coffee mugs and tumblers!

Maybe they’ll even give their wedding guests a gift bag with sets of customized wine gifts, coffee mugs and fancy accessories. After all, “wine not” fill the party favor bags to the brim with personalized wine accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts to show their guests how much they matter to the happy couple!

#5: Drew House Gear

Our next potential gift idea is an easy guess: Drew House merch.

Justin has been promoting his new brand, Drew House, all over social media (see above). So, it’s not a stretch to assume he might splash some of his accessories, tees and more on his guests as a wedding favor.

His gear sells out fast, so their wedding guests may just be the lucky few who don’t have to worry about waiting for their favorite Drew House items to come back up for sale!

#6 Personalized Poker Set

 Personalized Poker Set

A personalized poker set is a great party favor to give guests who may have more assets to test the tables with! So why not gift wedding guests their own personalized poker set to help them practice or host game nights at their homes (or mansions)!

This could also be a smart touch if Justin and Hailey are planning on a poker, Gatsby or 1920s themed wedding. And, to add extra class for their themed affair, the happy couple could get each set engraved with their guests’ initials.

 #7 Personalized NHL Gear for Justin

 Personalized Hockey Gear

Justin’s obsession with hockey, Canada’s national sport, has him skating in LA and playing in the NHL’s celebrity all-star game every year. It’s a fair guess that he may personalize this gift as a way to share his passion and pride in his home country with his guests, especially if there are young children invited. Sports gear, like this mini hockey stick, makes a great personalized wedding favor for all kids invited!

Find Personalized Wedding Favors Within Any Budget

Not all of these wedding favors may be within the price range of your wedding, but adding personalized favors to your wedding gift bags is always an affordable option when you shop our wide selection.

Whether you’re looking for bulk orders for your wedding party and guests — or just one individual item to give as a gift — we’ve got you covered. Add unique customization with each guest or party member’s name, or add your hashtag, favorite quote or whatever else to share your personal touch with your cherished guests!

Shop personalized bridesmaids gifts, personalized groomsmen gifts or shop by collection to find memorable wedding favors for your big day!



6 Tips That Make Getting Gifts for Picky People Less Terrifying

6 Tips That Make Getting Gifts for Picky People Less Terrifying

We all have that one person in our lives who makes gift-giving impossible. Whether it’s trying to find the right gift for a sister who has everything, or shopping for your overly-particular parent, you know a gift card just won’t cut it. But don’t stress in these situations, if the thought and effort are there, that’s all that truly matters. For upcoming holidays and birthdays for your hard-to-shop-for friend — use our guide to getting gifts for picky people, and take a deep breath. We’ll make it fast and easy for you to find the appropriate gift they’ll truly love.

A man holding a bouquet of flowers

6 Tips to Choosing Gifts for Picky People

1. Take a Deep Dive (a.k.a, Creep Their Social Media)

Creeping on your friend/sibling/parent’s social media accounts, Pinterest boards and Amazon Wish Lists are your best bet at finding what that picky person in your life really wants. You’d be surprised what hidden gems you’ll find, and your picky friend will be surprised by just how well you know them.

Make sure to look at their:

  • Amazon Wish List
  • “Pinned” Pinterest items
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter favorites

2. Upgrade Their Hobbies

Everyone’s got a hobby, and you surely know your sister or mom’s go-to favorite activity for their spare time — so tap into it!

  • Are they really into photography? Get them a fancy camera strap
  • Really into breweries? Try a personalized growler
  • Love to travel? Make a collage of their favorite adventures
  • Love the outdoors? Get a Groupon to an exciting outdoor activity


3. Listen & Keep Notes

Prevent yourself from ever being stumped on what to get your picky friend. The easiest way to get gifts for picky people is to listen to them when they’re complaining or complimenting things! Keep your ears open for these phrases:

  • “Oh I love this”
  • “Oh that’s cute”
  • “My home is missing this”
  • “That’s my favorite [show, meal, shop, etc]”

Are a few ideas coming to mind? That’s the goal!

Pro Tip: keep a running list on your phone’s note app of these mentions so you have a bank of go-to gifts you can get that you know they’ll use and enjoy.


4. Pair Thoughtful Favorites

Make your gift a customized two-for-one! Similar to upgrading their hobbies, find a few of their favorite things and consider how you can personalize them! This is an easy way to show you put thought into your gift and went the extra mile by giving them something they can do, not just use. Consider gifts you can pair with date night ideas, a girls nights, or a “me” day outing.

A few suggestions to get you thinking:


5. Get Craftsy

Homemade gifts are really popular right now, and there are endless how-tos and guides online to help you do it correctly. All you have to do is get creative and brainstorm what your picky friend may need, want or love. Doing a DIY project may even make getting those gifts for picky people actually fun this time around!

Here’s a few popular and easy DIY options:

  • DIY coffee table
  • Custom barware and coasters
  • DIY welcome mats & home decor
  • Upcycled furniture and lighting

And if you find yourself running low on time to get crafty, try a few of our personalized and crafty decor options — go ahead and take credit for it, we don’t mind!


6. Ask Around

When in doubt, you can rest assured that picky people have hinted to SOMEONE what they want.

So, start networking! Chat up your other parent, your friend or sibling’s significant other or their bestie and get cracking away. Maybe you two can even team up to make it extra special and invest in something your picky friend is dying to have that may be a little outside your individual budgets.

In a Pinch?

When you’re at a total loss, try getting a personalized gift! Customized gifts are an easy way you can show your picky friend you put the extra thought into their gift. And if you shop our wide selection of high-quality gifts, you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget to please your picky friend!

5 Quick & Easy Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbors

5 Quick & Easy Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbors

Want to impress you new neighbors with something a little more memorable than the average bottle of wine or tin of brownies? We’ve laid out our top 5 personalized housewarming gifts that are sure to leave an impression, and could even be the start to weekly game nights and backyard bonfires! Whether you’re in a pinch or have some time to prepare, take a look at our list of chic, and easy housewarming gift ideas and make them your own right in time to leave a lasting impression.

Friend cheersing their beer

Easy Personalized Housewarming Gifts & Memorable Add-ons

Use this list to find or create a gift the new couple next door will actually use and like! And, as always, if you’ve got a fun idea in mind and need help with the custom execution — take a look at all of our monogrammed housewarming gifts.

1. A Custom State Sign Paired with a List of your Favorite Local Spots

Whether they moved here from somewhere else or grew up here, the state you both share is something you can easily bond over. Design a sign they’ll love to showcase in their new home and put together a fun list of spots they can try, and maybe they’ll even invite you to go with!

2. Personalized Cookie Jar, Accompanied by Cookies and a Hand-Written Recipe

Upgrade a basic homeowner gift to something they can use again and again. A personalized cookie jar and hand-written recipe is a sentimental DIY housewarming gift that your new neighbors will use every time they need a sweet treat!

3. Monogrammed Serving Tray with Your Favorite Appetizer

Surprise your neighbors when they see what’s hiding underneath your yummy app: a personalized serving tray with your new neighbors’ names already engraved on it.

Stick out from the other “gifts” to leave a lasting impression! Not only are you bringing food for their housewarming party, but this gift idea for new neighbors is also a practical two in one that they’ll use for every hosting event.

4. A Growler Set + Brew & Gift Cards Your Favorite Local Brewery

In this day and age, EVERYONE has a favorite local brewery. Why not bring your top-choice brew to your first get together with the new neighbors and share your local favorite, Maybe you’ll even schedule an outing to the brewery as your next get together! Go the extra mile with a customized growler your neighbors can showcase in their home and brew or a gift card to get them hooked on your local favorite.


5. Personalized Barware Set with Ingredients for Your Favorite Cocktail

Hosting can always be a challenge. Give your neighbors an edge with a fancy (yet affordable) personalized barware set!

One easy way to personalize this housewarming gift is to give your neighbors your secret recipe for one or two of your favorite cocktails You’d be surprised how little notes and extra DIY thoughts like that can go a long way!

Which Housewarming Gift is Right For Your New Neighbors?

Personalized housewarming gifts help you break the ice and find a common bond with your new neighbors. But that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch or search from store to store to find something high-quality, memorable or useful.

Find an easy housewarming gift by searching our large collection of personalized, quality gifts and make it your own by adding a DIY touch like the options above! Shop now and get your gifts right in time for the perfect introduction.

6 Creative Baby Shower Gifts for Guys Because He's Important Too

6 Creative Baby Shower Gifts for Guys Because He's Important Too

Whether he’s a new dad or he’s expecting his fourth child, men deserve a little something for when they’re expecting. Make sure you’ve got a special gift to mark the occasion or something funny to ease the stress.

With men’s baby showers and “Dadchelor” parties on the rise, getting gifts to impress will take extra thought and detail! Our ideas may spark your creativity, but don’t be afraid to take it a step further with added personalization!

Use our 6 creative baby shower gift ideas for guys below to say “You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back!”

 Pregnant mom & dad posing for a picture with baby shoes

1. Stylish Diaper Bag

Give the “dachelor” a practical gift that doubles as a stylish (and disguisable!) accessory. Go for a custom backpack instead of a bag so dad can carry it easily on the go and use it for his own items down the line when baby outgrows their diapers. 

2. Spill-proof Tumblers + A LOT of Coffee

Any parent should expect to be running on caffeine when they've got little ones keeping them up at all hours. Get a customized, spill-proof tumbler that’s engraved with a funny or sentimental note to prepare dad for the long days and nights ahead.

To really give dad an energy boost: Throw in a bag or two of his favorite blend!

3. A Sturdy Carrier

Having a baby means you will rarely be hands-free because both mom and dad will be carrying baby around everywhere. Help dad multitask with a sturdy baby carrier and go for a stylish look and color that dad will be proud to wear to the baseball game, park, and neighborhood BBQ.

Plus, we all know how undeniably cute it will be to watch dad and baby bond as he shows the little one off to all of the neighbors.

A dad carrying his toddler on a walk

4. Keepsake Onesie for Baby

Give the father-to-be a gift that gets him excited and makes him feel like an important part of the journey.

With all the focus on mom and baby, it will be important to make sure dad has something to open that is special between him and his child. Watch his face light up when he opens matching tee-shirts for baby and dad, or a onesie with a special date or saying like “first son” or “daddy’s girl”. 

5. Gifts that Keep on Giving

Get a gift that dad can cherish as his child grows up and re-gift to his child on a special occasion in the future. Try these options, and don’t forget to explain the thought behind the gift to the expecting dad!

Picture Frame:

Give a frame with a special date or quote along with a picture of dad kissing mom's belly at the shower. Then help dad re-gift the frame in a thoughtful way, by adding special instructions in the note of this gift to:

  1. Take a new picture with your child each year on their birthday
  2. Place the new picture in the frame every year
  3. And give it as a gift on a special occasion (graduation, first day at work, wedding, etc)

Engraved Flask or Barware:

Help dad cheer every moment in his child’s life! Engrave a flask or a beer stein with a date or quote, and attach a card prompting dad to hold onto it for a special moment in the child’s life like their wedding or first child. 

6. Books He Wants to Read to Baby

Dads may try to deny it, but most love to be silly and get into character with their children! Get dad a few books he can play along with and use his “manly” voice to entertain his little one.

This is also a great way to expose baby to a variety of books on topics that interest both mom and dad. Why is that great? Because it helps their child grow up without typical gender stereotypes so they can learn different lessons and enjoy a variety of storylines!

Dad reading to his baby

Something for Every Father-to-be

From funny baby shower gifts for dad to gifts they’ll use even after baby grows up, give a gift they’ll cherish as they watch their child grow. Shop our wide selection of personalized gifts and customize them with a personal saying, date, name, or even dad joke ... because we all know they’ve got to start somewhere!

12 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

12 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

15 Awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Don't settle for giving your guy another tie, pair of socks or fresh set of underwear (ahem, not that we mind getting underwear for V-Day). Instead, give him something more...personal. 

Our suggestion: a personalized gift for him that he'll never forget. Best part is, this list of gifts fits all price points (and relationship levels) from married with money to just-started-dating-and-I-want-something-that-says-l-like-him, this list of gifts will fit not just your budget, but also where you're at in your relationship. 

Have a read - and feel free to leave us comments below! 

Personalized NFL Gifts

Personalized NFL Gifts

Yes, by Valentine's Day the Super Bowl will be over and your guy will either be basking in championship glee or getting ready for the NFL Draft to make their team contenders in 2020. 

Either way, our huge selection of personalized NFL team gifts will make him the happiest fan in your house. From personalized tumblers to mugs, personalized team zippo lighters to money clips you can give your guy a Valentine's Day gift he'll remember, and something he can brag to the guys in his fantasy league about! 


Personalized Black Zippo

Personalized Zippo Lighter in Black Ice

This handsome personalized zippo lighter comes in a charcoal metal finish that makes it distinguished and distinguishing. Able to be personalized with either your guy's initials or up to 15 characters of text (we suggest engraving it with your pet name for him, "snookums" or "baby cakes" come to mind...). This piece doesn't just look good, but will last him a lifetime. 


Wooden Pocketknife

Engraved Wood-Handled Pocket Knife

Exquisitely crafted and a perfect everyday carry item for any guy, this personalized wood-handled pocket knife makes a great Valentine's Day gift for your guy. 

Made from plated silver, stainless steel and hand-carved wood, this sophisticated knife comes in the box shown above and can be personalized with 3 initials engraved on the hinged end of the knife. 


Personalized Humidor

Personalized Cigar Humidor

Crafted from heirloom quality cherry wood, this personalized cigar humidor will make a statement with any man who enjoys a good cigar. The exterior is made from cherry hardwood while the interior is framed with cedar to keep his cigars fresh, we'll engrave his name or a special message on the brass nameplate of the humidor making it an instant keepsake and hand-me-down for any gentleman. 


Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set w/ 2 Low-Ball Glasses

If your guy fancies a dram every now and again, this personalized decanter set is a fantastic gift. Made from heavy glass to give the decanter (23oz.) and low-balls (8oz.) heft in the hand, this set can be personalized with up to 15 characters and 7 different designs. On-sale now for just $49.99, this set is a great gift that he'll not soon forget! 


Wallet and Cufflink Set

Personalized Wallet and Cufflink Gift Set

If a gift-set is more your speed, check out this affordable combo of personalized leather wallet and personalized cufflinks, boxed in a gorgeous gift box and ready for Valentine's gifting. 


Personalized Weekender

Personalized Weekender Duffel Bag

Made from an elegant combo of blue canvas and leather (with brass feet on bottom) this personalized weekender is a great gift for any guy. Ready for weekend cabin runs or able to be used as a carry-on, this bag can be customized with your guys' initials in 4 different debossing options. 


Rawhide Coasters

Personalized Rawhide Coasters

Get him a gift that will also protect your tabletops! These personalized rawhide coasters are a great gift for the guy who enterains. Made from simulated suede leather, they're spill-proof and will add a touch of class and style to any home. Monogrammed with an initial, they'll be a long-lasting gift that he'll remember you for every time he sets down his glass. 


Monogrammed Watch Box 

Monogrammed Watch and Sunglass Box

Help your guy keep his personal items organized with this gorgeous personalized watch box. Stores 4 watches and 3 pairs of sunglasses and able to be monogrammed in 4 different designs, this is a classy gift that he'll appreciate for years to come. 


Personalized Cribbage Set

Monogrammed Cribbage Set

For the cribbage-afficionado in your life, this handmade birch travel cribbage set can be monogrammed in 3 different designs with up to 15 characters. The board folds inward storing 2 sets of cards and a full, regulation cribbage board. Great for travel, bar games or just to give as a keepsake, this cribbage set is a great, affordable gift for Valentine's Day. 


Putter Set

Laser-Engraved Putter Set

A perfect gift for a businessman or golf afficionado, this personalized putter set comes with a full-sized putter, 2 balls and a wood practice cup. Personalized on the top of the wood case with laser engraving, this set will be an office favorite for any guy! 


Divot tool

Personalized Pocket Divot Tool and Ball Marker

So popular that it's currently sold-out, this pocket divot tool and ball marker can be personalized with your guys' initials. A great gift for the golfer in your life the ball marker fits snugly into the handle of the divot tool and can be personalized with a circular monogram of his initials.