What Do Guys Really Want As Gifts? 12 Ideas

It's no secret, shopping for gifts for him is a difficult feat. Men don't often say what they want or need as gifts directly, which leads to a lot of uncertainty on your part for what he actually wants.

Instead of spending time guessing or shopping around for what you think he wants, you can take a look at this list of personalized gifts for him, items that he will enjoy. From custom coolers to engraved decanter sets, we've compiled a list of personalized gifts that the man in your life would love to get.

Whether for his birthday, a holiday, or other special occasions, keep reading to pick out the next best gift for your man.

1. Personalized Grill Kit

Personalized grill kit

If your man's life revolves around throwing burgers on the grill or Saturday barbecues, a personalized grill set is an ideal gift for him. This set, complete with an engraved box and all of the grilling essentials, will give him an excuse to get out to the grill as often as he wants.

Ultimately, this gift gives him the control of the equipment he craves, all with the simple personal touch you add.

2. Monogrammed Duffle Bag
For gym rats or frequent travelers, they need a reliable bag to pack up their belongings. Giving a monogrammed duffle bag as a gift for the guy in your life will provide him with the perfect tote to carry around his things from work, the gym, or anywhere in between. The personalized touch on the duffle bag, the monogram, makes the gift more intimate and unique.

The monogram will also make the bag easily identifiable if he keeps it in a locker room or grabbing his luggage from baggage claim during travel.

3. Customized Cooler

Personalized Cooler
A cooler may not seem like the perfect gift for him but think of all the different possibilities that can arise from the present—trips to the beach, camping expositions, poolside parties, and so much more. With a cooler, your guy can lug around all of the drinks and foods he needs to have a good time.

A personalized cooler makes the gift even better because he knows you customized it just for him. Not only will the personalization make it easier for him to keep track of, but he will think of you when he uses it too.

4. A Custom Wallet

Personalized Wallet
What's something that guys carry with them nearly everywhere, all of the time? A wallet. With a personalized wallet, he won't only safely carry his money and cards around, but a little piece of you as well. The personalization will also help him if he ever misplaces the wallet. That way, whoever finds it can easily trace it back to him, the owner.

5. An Individualized Toiletry Bag

Personalized Toiletry Bags
A toiletry bag is not only a practical gift for him but a way to help your man get organized, whether in the bathroom or for travel. A customized toiletry bag will let him keep track of all of his shaving, showering, and other bathroom accessories. If he travels a lot, the personalization will make the toiletry bag easier to keep track of when he stays in hotels and flies.

6. A Personalized Poker Chip Set

Custom Poker Sets
Give the man who loves poker nights with his buddies something he can wow the crowd with; a personalized poker chip set is complete with a sleek, engraved case. Next time he goes to gamble with his buddies, he can impress them with his professional-grade kit to gain the game's upper hand.

7. An Engraved Decanter Set

Personalized Decanters
Nothing says sophistication like a personalized, crystal decanter set, especially if the man in your life fancies himself a whiskey or wine enthusiast. He can enjoy his favorite alcoholic drink with the correct aeration process from a classy gift with a decanter set. The engraving you give it will make it all the more unique and sophisticated.

Even if he uses it as a decorative piece in an elegant office, an engraved decanter set will give him the credibility he craves for his drinking passion.

8. A Personalized Watch Box

Personalized Watch Box
Even if he has gone digital with his watch he still needs a place to store all of his classics. These personalized watch boxes are also great places to stash his most important valuables. If you don't want to lose it put it in here!

9. A Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

Personalized Shoe Bag
Make your man's next golf outing more memorable with a personalized golf shoe bag. A new bag can  replace an old, nasty one but can also give him something that will keep his favorite pair looking fresh for years to come. These bags will also help keep the car clean, no more grass throughout the car.

10. An Engraved Lighter

Engraved lighter
An engraved lighter is a small yet intimate gift to give to the man in your life, especially if he loves cigars. It's something that he will most likely carry the lighter around with him in his pocket from day-to-day. He'll keep it close to him. The engraving means that he'll keep you close too.

While it's a small gift, the personalized lighter is practical for a man who enjoys cigars. He can easily find the lighter to light-up as he needs and won't have to purchase cheap gas station lighters continuously.

11. A Custom Coffee Mug

Custom Coffee Mug
Coffee. Many people enjoy it, but if your man especially wants it, then a custom coffee mug is the ideal gift for him. He may often use typical cups, but a custom mug will give him something special to drink his coffee from in the morning or serve as a charming decorative piece in an office.

Either way, it's a heartfelt gift for something he enjoys with a personalized touch.

12. Personalized Ammo Box

Personalized Ammo box
If he loves the outdoors a personalized ammo box will make a great gift. Sure if can store his ammunition in a safe, secure place but these boxes will look great at the cabin or in the man cave.  Makes a great emergency tool box for the truck, as a lunch box or even as a toy and game box for long car rides with the kids. 

Steer clear from the fear and panic that comes with shopping for a gift for the man in your life and get him something that he’s guaranteed to want. From customized coolers to engraved wallets, our list has something for every man, even the most stubborn ones.

Browse the list and secure the perfect gift for his next birthday, your next anniversary, a holiday, or any other special occasion.