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    Men who smoke cigars are passionate about them. It’s no secret. To account for that passion, we have a selection of personalized humidors and smoking accessories that your favorite stogie smokers will love. We offer high-quality lighters, custom humidors and other accessories, as well. These humidors are the great accessory to go along with unique gifts for dad from our Father's Day collection.

    Our personalized cigar boxes are available in many different styles that smokers will be proud to display. These personalized humidors are a beautiful way of keeping cigars at their freshest. Our simplest and most elegant, customized cigar humidor is the Cherry Wood model. It's an heirloom quality accessory with a brass medallion with space for two lines of personal or commemorative text.

    Below is our vast selection of personalized cigar gifts, you favorite stogie smoker will love. Shopping for a sports fan? You can’t miss our NFL team Zippo lighters.

    Personalized Humidors

    5 Factors to Look Out For When Buying Cigars and Custom Humidors

    For all lovers of cigar smoking, preserving temperatures remain a priority. As its stands currently, most of the smokers have an array of personalized humidors and other smoking accessories that they try to use. Otherwise the cigars will get dry and lose flavor.

    Such worries and concerns have become a thing of the past, courtesy of the new types of humidors that ensure all your smoking accessories remain moist, with flavor and remain highly mature. In this regard, making a choice for buying these two elements require utmost attention. There are important aspects to look out for when you set your mind to purchasing a humidor. Some people even buy them for decor.

    1. Consider Humidor Size

    The size of the humidor is an important factor to consider since you need to know the number of cigars that you wish to have at a time and whether they can fit in your room, desktop or cabinet humidor. Not all cigars are made the same. There are many variances in sizes and shapes.

    2. Humidor Storing Ability

    It brings a concern to know whether your gift recipient is likely to carry their stogies wherever they go. This is why a portable model would be suitable. There are many different types of cigar smokers and knowing their preferences will help when choosing the right one.

    3. Humidor Design

    The humidor’s appearance should also be a concern. This will come down to personal preference but your taste as a gift giver should be considered. As a buyer you can look out for a model that is good looking. Picking one that can complement some of the surrounding dĂ©cor. You can choose to pick the humidor that matches your furniture or just the general home environment.

    4. Warranty Length

    Since these products also come with a warranty you need to look out for these elements regarding the length of their warranties. Warranties prove vital in case something bad happens during transportation or even shipping.

    5. Establishing Your Budget

    Budget can play an important role in your consideration while shopping for specific cigar humidors. For some models that can go hand in hand. In fact, your budget will dictate the quality of the model you are going to purchase. You need to be wise when figuring out how to judge the quality of the model that will suit your needs.

    When you are going to buy your personalized humidor as a gift, check on models allowing you to separate your smoking equipment from its accessories. With this, you get an assurance that optimal air-circulation will preserve the cigar's flavor and temperatures in the long run when you choose the right humidor.

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