Personalized Money Clips and Wallets

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    Personalized money clips are gifts that demonstrate your appreciation for a loved one's style and success. And we offer a wide range of distinctive styles, finishes, and functionalities that your husband, friend or relative is sure to admire. Custom engraved money clips make great gifts for groomsmen, too.

    We offer a selection of other customized money clips with cardholders in stainless steel that come in several attractive styles. For example, our "Harrison" line of money clips has a bold look, while our "Smart Money" clip has a pleasing, curvaceous appearance. You can also shop around for personalized wallets for him so he demonstrates class while paying the bill on the next date night.

    Should I Buy a Personalized or Engraved Money Clip?

    If you are in search of the perfect gift to congratulate your friend or loved one on their success, you might consider a personalized money clip. We offer a wide range of distinctive styles, finishes, and functionalities that show your friend or loved one is noticed and appreciated. Engraved money clips make for the perfect groomsmen gift on your big day. Or vice versa, and you want to show appreciation to the groom for being involved in the wedding, you can give him a personalized money clip.

    Helping a loved one keep their money in place is now more stylish than ever, with custom money clips! These clips are the absolute best gift for your guy on the go, or to prepare for that upcoming family trip. Every time your loved one goes to spend a dollar, they'll be thinking of you and the thoughtful gift you gave them. Money clips take out all the hassle of a big, bulky wallet in your pocket and contain everything you need in a sleek, stylish, easy to grab money clip.

    Or Should I Buy a Stylish Personalized Wallet?

    It’s up to you, but you won’t go wrong either way. With one of these modern pieces, being on the move is easier than ever. Keep all of your most important daily items close with a sleek, personalized wallet made with real leather. Never lose your driver’s license or credit cards again with your own engraved leather wallet.

    Compact, personalized and stylish, choose a personalized wallet for him so he stays on the go. These are perfect for men young and old, in any profession. These practical items make the perfect gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come. Whether you choose engraving or screen printing, the end result is sure to be smart and elegant.

    And you can make your gift into a set by adding matching engraved cufflinks!

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