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    Pet owners love nothing more than personalized gifts for their favorite fluff ball. That’s why we have a wide selection of personalized pet gifts that are sure to impress any owner, no matter if they’re a cat or dog lover.

    Our selection of personalized gifts for dog lovers contains durable, high-quality items, each with unique designs. We have available styles that allow you to create a custom pet gift that matches you or your loved one’s dog breed.

    Our selection of personalized gifts for cat lovers contains smaller-sized food bowls and items that can be designed with your cat in mind. An ideal gift for almost any cat lover, we have a selection of designs that match a variety of popular cat breeds.

    Personalized Gifts for Pets

    People love their pets. While there are nice things you can buy for your own pet, or another fellow pet owner, adding a special sense ownership with personalized gifts for pets adds uniqueness. Just about every pet needs a bowl to eat and drink out of, or a pillow to snuggle comfortably. These things are excellent gift ideas and adding a personal touch makes them even more special. Here some personalized gifts for pets that add a special touch of uniqueness.

    Dogs, cats and other pets commonly use water bowls and food bowls. Impersonal trays and round tubs accomplish the need, but nothing says you love your pet like a special bowl with his or her name on it. Your pet will enjoy drinking their water since the bowl won't slide across the floor. Ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe, with everyone colorfully imprinted with the pet's name.

    Food bowls are made of the same durable glazed ceramic. They are safe for all pets and come in multiple colors. Best of all, your pet's name is painted on the front of the bowl to signify proud ownership of the contents. Everyday pet water and food bowls are sold in an assortment of lackluster, generic styles. However, a personalized bowl made of quality ceramic, with the pet's name monogrammed on the outside, makes a statement.

    Treats are a special thing for your pets. Why wouldn't you keep these little delicacies in a personalized treat jar? Like the water and food bowls, treat jars are made out of dishwasher safe ceramics. There are different designs to choose from, but each will have the personalized name of your pet. Every time you pull the lid off the jar to treat your pet, they'll know it's goodies time, plucked from their own personal jar.

    Here's an idea for personalized gifts for pets that can accommodate both the pet and the pet owner. A personalized throw pillow can be a comfortable place for the pet, but also be used to show off your pride as a pet owner. Each custom pillow has a silhouette design and is personalized with your pet's name. Don't worry about keeping the pillow clean. They have a zip off cover that is machine washable.

    Food and water bowls, treat jars and throw pillows are just three of the unique ideas to personalize a gift for a pet, or pet owner. Nothing says you love your pets like such a gift. Designed with the highest sense of quality they are made to last a lifetime.

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