8 Ideas to Add a Personalized Touch to Your Home

Whether you've moved into a new place, want to move to a new space, or add more of your personality to your existing home, you can add your personal touch to items throughout the area. To help you personalize your home, we've compiled a list of eight ideas. 

These ideas will make your home, new or old, feel more uniquely yours. Whether a personalized frame, a monogrammed blanket, or a piece of customized wall art, these unique gifts for home make for great additions and thoughtful housewarming gifts. 

If you're looking for the next best housewarming gift or want to add a personalized touch to your home, keep reading for a list of eight unique ideas. 

1. Personalized Frames

Personalized State Picture Frame

Nothing screams personal touch as family and friends' photos hang around the house, but you can add more of an intimate feel with personalized frames. Rather than buying a generic, bare frame for the image of your recent trip to Europe, you can decorate the frame with little details, dates, pictures, or whatever you'd like to dress-up the stand and make it more uniquely you. 

Giving a personalized frame as a housewarming gift for a friend or family member will also dazzle the recipient in how much you pay attention and care about their experiences. Giving this gift will only emphasize how much you care about the giftee.

2. Monogrammed Blanket

Personalized Baby Blankets

When you think of cozy, your mind probably immediately thinks of blankets. You can make even the cuddliest of blankets more comforting by adding a personalized monogram with your thread color and font choice. The little details you add to the blanket make it more personal, either as a gift or yourself. 

It's also a thoughtful gift for the home that you or your giftee can often use other than for decoration. Whether you drape your blanket over your couch for decoration or like to curl up with it during movie nights, a monogrammed blanket will add just the right amount of personality to your home.

3. Design a Doormat

Custom Doormat

Not all personal touches have to go inside of your house; you can add them to the outside as well, for example, a doormat. You can design your doormat to welcome you home in between running errands, after long days of work or to invite your guests inside. You can also personalize a doormat for your favorite holiday, or even every holiday if you want.  

Whatever way, this personalized gift for the home is like stating your claim on your living space, whether with a name, favorite phrase, photo, or anything else you want. It's a little daily reminder that your home is your sanctuary.

4. Personalized Pillowcases

Personalized pillowcases

Pile customized pillowcases on your bed to make your bed an intimate, personalized space in your home where you can seek refuge after long days. You can personalize pillowcases whatever way you want, either for you or someone you love, such as a matching set with your initials, individualized ones for Mr. and Mrs, or a fun pattern for a friend.   

Personalized pillowcases can be funny, cute, or personal, but they will add personality to the desired space whatever way you choose. If for yourself, you can go to sleep on pillowcases unique to you and you alone. No one else in the world may have those pillowcases. That fact alone makes this gift for home special and will make your bed feel like even more of a safe space.

5. Customized Wall Art

Photo Canvas Prints

Wall art, much like framed photographs, can allow you to display your personality within your home. However, you may like wall art, but you may not have a personal connection to it. To add more of your character to the wall art you hang, you can customize a canvas print.

Instead of adding art you like, you can create a personalized home decor item that you design, whether for a monumental life event, a trip, or a fond memory. If you still want to hang your photos, but a simple frame won't do, you can customize your image to a large, stretched canvas as well. 

6. Personalized Throw Pillows

Monogram Throw Pillows

You can spend hours searching for throw pillows to fit your home. Instead of searching, you can create the perfect throw pillow, simultaneously adding your personal touch to the area. You can personalize your throw pillow for everyday use, a holiday, a season, or all of the above. 

However you choose, individualized throw pillows add your personality into your home space and make great housewarming gifts for those setting up their new places. Whenever you want to lounge on the couch, you can let your custom throw pillows and the intimacy of your personal touch embrace you.   

7. Customized Cutting Boards

Customized Cutting Boards

The kitchen, the heart of the home, might need your personal touch the most. To add some personality, customize a cute cutting board. An individualized cutting board not only injects your personal touch into your kitchen, but you will get the reminder that your home is genuinely yours every time you use it. 

Having the item personalized also makes cooking more enjoyable, knowing that you specifically designed the cutting board for you. The unique cutting board also makes for a favored housewarming gift because it invites the individual to enjoy their kitchen. Every time they use it, they'll not only feel that personalized joy but will think of you too.

8. Personalized Ornaments

Personalized Ornaments

The holidays are a particular time where you want your home to feel incredibly personal. One way to add your personalized touch to your home or give a customized housewarming gift to someone is to create unique ornaments. Whether it's your first holiday in your new home or you want to start making memories, personalized ornaments are a great way to start traditions. 

Not to mention, whenever you pull out your personalized ornaments, your home will feel especially warm and welcoming during the holidays. All thanks to that little, unique touch.