How to Match a Craft Beer With the Correct Beer Glass


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Does the beer glass matter? It most certainly does! To get the perfect pour, the right level of head, and the perfect sip, you need the proper glassware for your beer. Let this serve as your beer guide for glassware selection. And, of course, stock your bar with a variety of glasses and mugs to ensure you always have the right one for any beer you decide to bring into your home.

The Pint Glass

Perhaps the most common type of glassware for beer drinkers who want simplicity and the most in their glass, the pint glass is a must have. It's simple to store. It is also easy to drink from requiring no formality or style. Which beers are perfect for the pint glass?
  • A rich brown ale with a strong flavor
  • Any British-style bitter beer
  • Rye beers because of their strong taste
  • Pale ale for its depth of flavor
  • Scotch ale

The Stein

Perhaps not as common today as it used to be in traditional bars, the stein is still an important investment for true, hardy beer drinkers. Older styles offer more weight, while today's modern glass steins provide easy handling just in case you've had a few too many. The stein is easy to drink from and, another key benefit, it holds a significant amount of your favorites. Drink these beers from steins:
  • Irish red ales
  • Irish dry stouts for their flavor composition
  • Brown ales
  • English butter - the stein is a must for the traditionalist!
  • American ambers and pale ales

Pilsner Glass

A more elegant option, the pilsner glass actually has a number of key benefits to it. The pilsner glass actually offers some key benefits, though. It is a fantastic way to see the true color and depth of flavor of your beer. It also helps with maintaining the head of your beer. And, when it comes to flavor, this glass works well at enhancing volatiles, giving you the full sensation of a quality beer. Use it with high quality beers including:
  • Lagers
  • Blonde ales
  • California common beers
  • Witbier


Is it ever appropriate to drink beer from a goblet? Traditionally used for wine, there are plenty of reasons why you'll want to use a goblet for your next beer. It's a good choice for anyone that wants to enjoy the aroma of the beer, not just the flavor it offers. The design of this glass will easily maintain the head on the beer and it allows you to take deep, big sips to fully enjoy the flavor and sensation of drinking. Use this type of beer glassware for many types of beer including:
  • Strong ales including Belgian strong ale
  • Dubbel
  • Quad
  • Tripel

Weizen Glass

Have you ever drank beer from a weizen glass? If not, you are missing out. This unique type of glassware offers several key benefits. First, it is perfect for giving you plenty of beer in a single serving. We must say, the design of this glass almost indicates that it is a must to provide a large portion. Second, it also offers a large head. If you like the froth, this is where you are going to get it. Nevertheless, this type of glassware is also fairly stylish and allows for a full aroma. Use it with:
  • Wheat ales
  • Weizenbock beers
  • Dunkelweizen


The next time a friend serves beer to you in a flute, don't look at them funny. While flutes tend to be used commonly for champagne, there are some very good reasons to use it for beer. Perhaps most importantly, it will allow you to take a sip and really experience a deep, intense aroma nearly instantly. It also is a fantastic way to showcase the carbonation and color of the beer. For these reasons, serve these beers in it:
  • Wild ales
  • Dortmunder
  • Biere brut
  • Bierre de Champagne
  • Lambic
Let's face it. A good beer tastes great in just about any type of glassware. All you have to do is to choose a quality product and enjoy it with good friends.

BONUS: How to Arrange Glassware for Display

The rules on glassware display are pretty undefined, and most people just do it based on personal taste. However, some guidelines do exist and you are free to implement them if you choose. When displayed together, taller glasses are generally placed in the back, with the shorter glasses in front of them, like kids having their picture taken in grade school. Keep glasses upright unless there is a slot designated for hanging them upside-down, or if bugs and dust are problems. Glassware is beautiful, and you want to display it, not store it. Double-sided tape or non-slip shelf paper can be used to secure your glassware. A bit of museum wax may be a wise investment if you live in an earthquake hot spot or have children and pets romping around. Occasionally dust your glassware to keep it sparkling beautifully and ready to drink from.