Upbeat & Memorable Wedding First Dance Songs by Genre (Modern & Classics)

Falling in love is the easy part — now the planning begins. You may have already picked out a magnificent dress and breathtaking flowers, but one of the most important and sometimes overlooked parts of the special day is the music.

Some couples already have a song that defines their relationship, so the choice is easy. For many other couples, the decision will require extra help — hello Google!

You’ve come to the right place! We've put together a list of up-to-date wedding first dance songs by genre to get you started. With plenty of options, you may even find good choices for wedding processional songs, walking-down-the-aisle songs, reception songs and whatever else you may or may not have thought of yet!

Once you’ve found a few made-to-be songs, don’t forget one of the other important (and often forgotten about until the last minute) pre-wedding tasks you’ve got to wrap up — bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts

Memorable Wedding First Dance Songs by Genre

Modern Hip/Hop & Pop

Modern Pop is basically any song you’ve been hearing all over the radio lately or in the top 100 charts on your streaming app! Choosing a first dance song from this genre ensures nearly all of your guests will recognize the song and maybe even sing along.


American country music has come a long way since its humble beginnings, now you can dance to a romantic and upbeat country wedding dance song! Country has become an increasingly popular genre for any wedding in the north, south, or even in a tropical destination. You can’t go wrong with a country pick!

Reggae & Tropical

Reggae music is popular among outdoor and destination weddings. They encompass the theme of the wedding and often have lyrics that could match your setting — palm trees, beaches, you know what we’re saying! Pick a tropical tune and relish in the peaceful and loving harmonies as you enjoy your first dance as a married couple.

Classic Rock

Classic rock features music from the 1960s to the late 1980s focusing primarily on songs that blast and get your heart beating. This genre will evoke a sense of nostalgia from guests young and old because they’ve been popular for years. Choose a song that’s lasted the test of time to begin your marriage with the same mentality!

Indie & Alternative Rock

Indie rock is its own unique style with options that may be in the top 100 or new and unique. With an alternative hit, you’ll stand out from the basic first dance songs and cherish your unique first dance song for years to come.

80s Pop

The 1980s experienced a surge of mostly upbeat dance music — with some love songs that we all know and love. From Prince to Stevie Wonder, the 80s brought up true love ballads you can actually jam to. These songs are perfect for a memorable first dance that you could even choreograph moves to, if you’re thinking of going all out on your first dance.

Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies or "Oldies but Goodies" typically refers to music from the birth of rock. Music from this time period includes songs from Elvis Presley and The Four Seasons, and they’ve been used for many first dances songs over the years. Choosing a golden oldie will truly showcase you and your partner’s great taste in music!


Your first dance as a married couple will be a memorable moment. Whether you choose one genre or another, a long song or a short first dance song, or even opt for a friend to play a ballad, don’t stress over the song too much. It’s the moment that you’ll remember — the song is just the key that unlocks the memory every time you hear it over the radio or your speakers.

The best part about weddings is you’re in charge (and your significant other … I guess). So you get to make decisions and change your mind here and there! But, as you start to nail down every final detail, it may get easier and easier to forget important tasks!

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