6 Cliches to Avoid This Valentine's Day

Here is a list of everything you were thinking of getting for your sweetheart, but really shouldn't. Not only do they lack creativity and originality, they're just plain boring.



Or any flowers really. Red roses have been jammed down our throats as the official flower of Valentine's Day, but we aren't buying it (literally). Why are we showing our eternal love for someone with a gift that dies in 3 days?

Box of Chocolates 

Unless you're shopping for a chocoholic and found them some exotic truffles from Bariloche, this gift screams "I didn't put any thought into today". 


ESPECIALLY a heart necklace. We promise, she already has 3 from her past exes. 


We're going out on a limb here, but going out to dinner is probably something you already do with your significant other. This is one day out of the year to do something different! 


Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who need to be reminded. If you and your sweetheart have verbally agreed on not celebrating Valentine's Day, this doesn't apply to you. For everyone else, your SO is 100% expecting you to acknowledge the day. 



What to do instead:

Pack a lunch

It doesn't even have to be fancy. Make your Valentine's favorite sandwich, buy a bottle of wine, add a side salad, and finish with a homemade desert like cookies or brownies. Bonus points if you surprise them at work (but save the wine for later if you do).

Canvas sign


A unique gift to commemorate your relationship, whether you're married or not. No matter where they decide to hang it, they'll have beautiful reminder of you!

Destination Jar

Don't choose where to go for your Valentine's Day date, leave it up to chance. First, decide how long you would like to drive for. The longer you drive, the more fun this will be. Then, write each cardinal direction on it's own piece of paper and put them in a jar. Pick one out of the jar and start driving in that direction. Be sure you are replacing the pieces of paper after drawing them. After 15 minutes, pick another direction, then take the next turn or exit towards it. Keep doing this until you've reached your time limit, then pick the first restaurant or attraction you see. 


We hope your Valentine's day is sweet!