Movember Facts and Thinks to know before grow a Mustache

Gentlemen, put down your razors for November, the eleventh month in the Gregorian calendar is upon us. As many of you know, November 1st kicks off a worldwide movement to spread the word on prostate cancer and other male health issues. Spearheaded by the Movember Foundation, Movember – a blend of “mustache” and “November” – what started off as a small fundraiser back in ’99, has grown into a global tradition which has managed to raise around $560 million in contributions to fund around 850 men's health programs in over 20 countries worldwide.

If you’ve decided to be a sport and grow a stache this month, kudos to you. But, don’t think for one minute you will end up looking like Tom Selleck. Like most things in life, your facial accessory will need a set of tools for it to get that perfect look.

A Mustache Comb

If you’re at all familiar with the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation, you have probably heard the name Ron Swanson, who is pretty much the manliest man alive, coming second only to his own glorious and matter-of-fact mustache, which spits in your wine, fondles your 90s-style goatee, and makes sweet love to your wife while you stand there in disbelief. Legend has it that the P&R star’s mustache was so manly he needed a wooden comb to tame the beast. So, to make sure your mustache is well kept this month, better get yourself one of them mustache combs.

Beard Lube

“Yes” it is a real product, and “no”, you can’t use it like the other stuff. We all know (well some of us do!) that facial hair isn’t the softest of bodily hair, which means it needs a little help from time-to-time. If you want to keep a beard along with the moustache and you want to keep it from feeling like a brillo pad, you can give it the necessary moisture it needs with Jack Black’s Beard Lube (no, not that Jack Black!).

Moustache Wax

If you want to look like a man of honor, a man with an infinite amount of patience, and more importantly, a man, then why not go all out with the sinister upward turn at the tips, or the dignified and sophisticated handlebar, which will definitely make you a bonafide card carrying member of the league of evil!. Pick up some mustache wax on your way home and get creative.

Face Lotion

While your skin may be hidden behind a thick shield of (facial) hair, it doesn’t mean you have to stop moisturizing your skin, now does it? Besides, if you choose not to, you will find the skin underneath all that hair turning red and flaky, in other words, really uncomfortable. You can get yourself a face lotion to keep your skin properly hydrated during the month of Movember.

Take Care of Ingrown Hair

Let’s face it, the growing process isn’t always a smooth one. This is why you can use some extra help in getting your stache to sprout forth freely without having to deal with problems such as the painful ingrown hair. Ingrown hair treatment is available for all hair types so it shouldn’t be a problem to get one that matches your facial hair.

A Beard Trimmer

Just because you’ve decided to grow a moustache and beard does not mean you have to look like Conan the Barbarian. Having a beard trimmer will help you look civilized by keeping your beard at bay. Apart from that, having a beard trimmer on hand means that you can trim and style your beard to your liking.

A Decent Razor

At the end of November, when the thrill is gone you can finally use a razor to wipe out the beast you created, or just make a few tweaks to it. Getting yourself a decent razor should do the trick.

Shaving Cream

If you do decide to get your clean cut look back, nothing can get rid of the fuzz quite like a good shaving cream product. Make sure you select one which is loaded with moisturizer, shea butter and vitamin C to soothe your skin after the special coat is gone.

Movember Must Have's Infographic