Top Mother's Day Gifts Ideas for 2022 - Updated

Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what you can do to show your appreciation to the woman who got you to where you are today. Whether it's for Mom or Grandma, choosing a gift that suits her personality and shows that you really care will make her feel special, so make sure you put some thought into it. Think about what your Mom will like; a thoughtful, sentimental gift, a fun gift, a practical gift, a cute gift.

Finding the perfect gift for your Mom can be difficult, so to help you out we've made a list of great gift ideas for your Mom this Mother's Day.


Personalized Parent Throw Pillow

Show your Mom how much she means to you with this personalized throw pillow; the perfect accessory for a chair, couch or bed, adding comfort, style and a personal touch. The cushion reads "Anyone can be a Mother but it takes someone special to be a Mom" followed by up to two lines of your own personalized text.


Personalized Mother's Framed Print

This framed burlap print carries a sentimental message to remind your Mom how much she's appreciated. Add your own personal message at the bottom of the print up to 25 characters to add an extra, personal touch. It will look great hanging on the wall of her home to make her feel special every day.


Personalized White Wine Glass

For the wine loving Mother, this large white wine glass, holding up to 9oz, is the perfect gift. It's an elegant glass in the "White Bordeaux" shape, and it's customizable with two lines of text. It can say whatever you want, so you're free to get creative.


Carnival of Color

Brighten up your Mother's Day with this vibrant bunch of flowers, containing orange lilies, blue iris, yellow germinis and much more. The flowers arrive in bud form, so your Mom can nurture them and watch them grow. What Mom doesn't love receiving a bunch of flowers?


Wine Pairing Towel Set

These organic cotton tea towels will help Mom at meal times with a guide showing the perfect pairings for food and wine. The set contains one cloth for white wine and another for red, so she'll always know how to perfectly complement her meals. Each cloth provides 3,808 possible pairings, so she'll never be stuck for inspiration.


Silk Patchwork Sari Scarf

For the accessory lover, this scarf is something a little bit different. It is made from vintage saris; hand stitched together using an ancient technique called "Kantha". Every scarf is unique, so it might not appear as it does in the product photo, and the beautiful, vibrant colors will really catch your eye.


Automatic Handbag Illuminator

Does your Mom always complain she can't find things in her handbag? Large handbags can seem like a bottomless pit, and lots of time can be waster rummaging around in the bottom of it for a single lip gloss or car keys. This automatic handbag illuminator will save time and effort as it lights up when it is touched or when it senses a hand approaching, illuminating the inside of a handbag and making the search much easier.


Mama Bear + Little Bear Package

Perfect for the new Mother, this package contains an adult's v-neck t-shirt and a baby bodysuit, both available in a range of sizes, with the words Mama Bear and Little Bear printed on them, respectively. It's an adorable present for both Mom and baby, and is available in white, black, heather grey or charcoal.


White Love You Mom Pears

Remind your Mom you love her every day with these ornaments to go in her home or office. This gift contains three clay pears, completely homemade, stamped with the words "Love you Mom", one on each pear. Described by the maker as "Three of the most darling little pears you will ever lay eyes on", they are a cute gift to give on Mother's Day.


Crazy About Chocolate Gift Basket

For the chocolate loving Mom, this gift basket will really make her day. The Crazy About Chocolate Gift Basket contains Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Chocolate and more. The basket is filled with chocolate treats, so it's perfect for sharing, but she might just want to enjoy them all herself.


Bath and Body Gift Sets

Bring a touch of luxury and pampering to your Mom on Mother's Day without her even having to leave the house. This gift set contains relaxing bath crystals, shower gel, body scrub, body lotion and a loofah to give her the perfectly relaxing and soothing bath. Exactly what your Mom deserves!

Experience gifts

Instead of the at-home treatment, why not give her the real spa experience. Or you could go for something completely different like skydiving, a hot air balloon ride, dinner on a cruise ship, flying lessons or a gourmet food tour. With experience gifts, your options are almost endless. Choose the type of gift you'd like and find out what is available near you.


Personalized Photo Puzzle

Give your Mom a challenge that will make her smile this Mother's Day. This jigsaw puzzle can be personalized with a photo of your choosing; a photo of her kids, of the whole family or of a happy memory would all be great ways to add a personal touch to this gift. Simply upload your photo when you order. Choose how many pieces your puzzle has, from 15 to 500, to make it more or less challenging.


Vibrating Head Massager

If your Mom needs some more relaxation in her life, this gift will do the trick. This head massager has vibrating spokes which fit around your head, stimulating the nerves in the scalp and neck to provide a soothing, relaxing head massage without having to go to a professional. With this handy tool, you can give yourself a massage or sit back and have someone else do it for you. Treat Mom to a low price massage on Mother's Day.


Supermom Coffee Mug

Think that your Mom is a Super Mom? Show her with this super mug which has 3D lettering that say "Supermom" along with her very own superhero logo; an M styled in the same way as the S emblazoned on Superman's chest. If your Mom is a hero in your eyes, then this mug is the perfect way to make her feel special.


Cork Board World Travel Map

For any Mom who loves to travel, this world map will let them keep track of everywhere they've visited and commemorate their travels. Mark of locations in the world that you've visited with postcards or souvenirs that you've picked up along the way. Create your own world map based on your own experiences and share your memories with friends and family.


Dear Mum - From You to Me Book

Learn all there is to know about your Mom and let her share all of her precious memories with you. The book contains around 60 questions for your Mom to answer, with a blank page opposite each question where she can put photos or other memories. Questions include "What were your favorite childhood toys and games" and "What are the happiest or greatest memories of your life." You can also get Dear Grandma - From You to Me Book.


Name a Star

Make your Mom feel special with an out of this world present. This gift set lets you name a real life star after your Mother, or whoever you choose. The gift box contains information about an unnamed star, including its co-ordinates and a map showing its location, all you have to do it choose its name and follow the instructions in the pack to register it.

Links of Love Necklace

This necklace represents the strong connection between a Mother and her child. A gold ring is inseparably linked with a smaller silver ring, reminding the wearer of the infinite connection they have. This same concept is also available as a bracelet or pair of earrings.


Whether it's a gift for the home or garden, something for her to wear, something to eat or drink or something to get out there and do, these gifts will all show your love and appreciation to your Mom this Mother's Day. Adding a personal touch to your gift giving shows that you've really thought about her, so choose your gift wisely.