Everything You Need for a Spa Day at Home

Whether you’re stuck for a Valentine’s day idea, or just want to surprise your significant other with a day of pampering, an at-home spa day is a cost-effective yet thoughtful date idea that you should be putting together right now.


What you’ll need:


Face masks.

A spa day MUST. You can make your own with household ingredients, or cheat and buy them at your local retail store.



A queen (or king) deserves their vestments. Nothing says “relaxing” quite like freeing yourself of the confines of clothing with a soft, personalized robe.



Buy them their favorite bottle of bubbly. Remember when we said this is a cost-effective date? That doesn’t apply here – you should splurge. Don’t forget the wine glasses!



Rest your head while your face mask sets in. These pillows also make the perfect decoration on your bed long after your spa day is over.



Dry off from your bath or foot soak with a personalized towel. Not only can these be used during your spa day, embroidered towels will also make the perfect, usable memento for your honey to cherish for the years to come.



Round out the ambience by lighting a candle or two. You can use a scented candle you already have at home, or get a personalized one from us to remember this special day.



What you get is up to you, but food is not optional. Chocolates are always a good option for a spa day, but so are an assortment of berries. Make sure you get your partner their preferred treats!



But not for eating. Apparently, cucumbers take the dark circles out from under your eyes. While we don’t know if this actually works, we do know they will make your spa day look that much more authentic.