Holiday Hosting: Personalize Your Holiday Party

It's that time of year again. The Holiday Season. Dread it or not, you'll likely be throwing a party of two over the next couple of months, whether celebrating Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or prancing around a Festivus pole. 

While holiday hosting can be a blast, it can also be a time of pressure and competition, stress and the need to occasionally spike the punch/eggnog. Wouldn't it be great if you could win the holidays without all the stress?

Well. We have some ideas to help you win holiday host of the year by adding some personalized touches to your holiday party. 


Personalize Your Tea Towels

Personalized Tea Towels

Make your kitchen standout while holiday hosting with our distinctive personalized tea towels. Use them as hand towels, oven mitts or to decorate your bread baskets. These personalized tea towels come in four distinct designs and are a cheap and easy way to make your holiday table standout. 

Pro Tip: you don't have to personalize these towels just with your family name. You have 15 characters available to personalize your way, so you could use a family motto, a witty quote or just "Holiday 2019." Either way, we think these tea towels will add a bit of unique magic to your holiday table. Something the in-laws, out-laws and all your friends will be asking about. 


Make a Stand-Out Sign

Personalized Wall Art

Holiday decor is always a chore to nail. This year add a personalized touch to your walls with a cool, personalized wall sign. While we have a big selection of potential signs, our team thinks this one would really set the tone for holiday dinners with friends, family or colleagues. Easy to personalize with your family name, a 15-character message or motto and the year, this sign can add a subtle, memorable and personal touch to your holiday wall decor. 


Personalize Your Coasters (and protect your table tops!)

Personalized Square Coaster Set

Don't just have your guests put their eggnog glass on any regular coaster (or heaven forbid, your actual tabletop). No, instead, we suggest making a set or two of our personalized coasters for your upcoming holiday parties. Whether personalized with your initials, family name or other messages, these coasters will be a memorable (and creative) addition to your holiday hosting decor. They're unique, useful and most importantly - Uncle Bob won't leave beer bottle rings on your side tables at Thanksgiving dinner! 


Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Wine Glasses

Personalized White Wine Glasses

Sure a normal, plain wine glass will do. But it's the HOLIDAYS PEOPLE. Don't just settle for plain old wine glasses, instead let us personalize sets of wine glasses for you. Add your initials, your name, a short message or even something silly (think: Grinch, Humbug or other funny holiday-themed names you've always wanted to call your relatives) to sets of 4 red or white wine glasses. 

We can personalize each set with up to 15-characters, giving you the ability to make your wine-wear not just be functional, but also fun and standout. 

Pro tip: order a set of both white and red -- or, go fancy and order our personalized stemless sets and use them for adult beverages, juice or water too. 


A Little Something For Post-Dinner Refreshments

Personalized Decanter Set

A great post holiday-dinner drink is sometimes necessary. Especially when helping digest all that turkey and stuffing you just ate. So bring out the whiskey (or whisky if you're into the Scottish variety) in style with a personalized decanter set with low ball glasses

Available in 6 distinct designs (Antler is shown above - we love this one for a rustic holiday theme) and with personalization on both the decanter and glasses, this set is a great way to customize your post-dinner beverage service. 

Pro-tip: this works great for kiddy mocktails as well - and we think would make for some great instagrammable moments with your dressed-up kiddos.