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Personalized Crosses

Personalized crosses and candles are a touching way to honor the faith of a Christian friend, relative, or spouse - regardless of their denomination. When contemplating a crosses and candle as gifts, remember that engraving them with the recipient's name and date of gift will elevate their importance for years to come.

We offer choices of crosses with Christian symbols and other religious emblems such as doves, hearts, or intertwined wedding rings. Crosses such as these can become part of the recipient's home décor, and serve as serene reminders of special events and the caring people who presented the gifts.

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Personalized Crosses

Giving a loved one a symbol of faith is a very meaningful gesture on its own, so imagine the feelings you'll inspire giving your special recipient one of our lovely personalized crosses. Why give the ordinary when you can give something created just for your loved one?

The true beauty of customized crosses is that they're so versatile. There is a multitude of appropriate occasions to give this intimate and thoughtful gift. Of course, the most obvious is for a birth or baptism. We have a stunning selection of keepsake personalized crosses with stands that will lend grace and beauty to any nursery.

People of the Christian faith celebrate many milestones for which cross-themed gifts are often given. Our custom crosses come in versions for First Communion, Confirmation, and even one which gives the option to choose from nine different prayers that we can engrave on it along with the name of your choice.

Another wonderful opportunity to give one of our personalized crosses is for that special young woman's quinceanera. This monumental celebration of her passage from childhood to womanhood should be an occasion she remembers for the rest of her life - including the precious keepsakes she receives.

Our favorite quinceanera gift recommendations? Our personalized trinket box, cross key chain, or compact mirror with her name engraved underneath a cross on the front. These charming gifts will be used every day, reminding your loved one of her incredible day, and most importantly, of the special people who shared her joyous celebration.

A cross engraved with a special name or message is also suitable for other occasions, like weddings, funerals, or birthdays. Pair one with our personalized cross candle for a beautiful display. Give each of your children a special custom cross of their own for Easter. The options are truly endless.

The best religious gifts are those which convey love, care, and thoughtfulness. We're a bit biased, of course, but we think customized crosses fit this bill perfectly. Rather than something that will be outgrown or tossed aside, choose a touching personalized gift that will be treasured forever.