New Baby Showers Party Trends - 4 Trends You Haven’t Heard of

Jul 05, 2017

While the idea of throwing a baby shower is nothing new, baby shower trends are becoming less and less traditional; embracing fun favors, surprise baby gender reveals, and dare I say it, co-ed guests. Check out some of these cool ideas to set your baby shower apart from the rest.


1. The Green Shower

Forget pink and blue. Go green. With seemingly the rest of the free world focusing on the “green” movement, it is only logical that baby showers follow suit. More and more moms-to-be are heading down a more eco-friendly path when planning their baby showers, taking everything from invites to favors, foods, and plates into consideration. More and more women have begun to incorporate clever and eco-friendly party ideas into their showers. Looking for a few green ideas to get you started? Send out e-vites ( instead of your standard paper invitations, buy organic or locally grown foods to feed your guests, and keep the décor natural by using potted plants, shells, or bowls filled with fruit as decorations. You can still have a fun, sophisticated shower while leaving a tinier carbon footprint.

2. Updated Party Favors

Everyone wants to be unique when it comes to shower favors, but there’s a fine line between unique and unusable. Selecting thoughtful, but functional gifts can be difficult, so think usable when making a selection. A fun new favor trend is the “Around the clock” theme, where guests are assigned a time of day, and their gift is relevant to that time. For instance, if you were assigned 8am, a coffee maker would work.

Of course, traditional gifts are timeless, especially personalized baby shower gifts, like a picture frame or keepsake. Your friends will appreciate it, and you won’t break the bank.

3. The Man Shower

No, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. The man shower, my personal favorite of the new trends, has begun to spread amongst families and dads–to-be quicker than you can say “goo-goo”. While it is unlikely that your husband and his buddies will sit around playing shower games or eating dainty sandwiches, a beer and BBQ with a diaper drop at the door or baby supply station behind the poker table could actually be really beneficial to both your pocket and your husband. With so much focus on the woman as the bride and mom to be, the man shower trend could not only help you collect some goodies for your baby, but also help your guy to feel more included in the process. Not to mention your guys’ life is changing just as much as yours is- so a little bit of male bonding paired with a celebration for the new baby may be just what he needs.

4. Gender Reveal Parties

As a person who really likes to plan ahead, this particular trend is relatively nerve wracking for me. However, if you live on the edge and love a little excitement, Gender reveal parties may be for you. Gender reveal parties are in essence, exactly what they sound like. Some parents choose to find out the sex of their baby right along with their guests, while the “anti-surprise” parents-to-be already know the sex of their baby, but plan the party to share with their loved ones. While the rules can change on a parent by parent basis, cakes appear to be the most common form of gender announcement- typically done by dying the inside of the cake either blue or pink, but other ideas include busting a piñata filled with pink or blue confetti, or letting a gender themed batch of balloons fly. Panicked about selecting a gift if you don’t know which gender you’re shopping for? There are tons of great sites out there with unique and personalized gifts for girls, boys, and gender neutral gift ideas. Finally, don’t feel sheepish about being the first of your friends to start this trend. has noticed a spike in conversation about these parties on its community sites, suggesting that these gender themed parties may be up and coming in the party world. Gender reveal party invitations, favors, and decorations have also been becoming increasingly more popular.

Planning a baby shower is an experience that is unique to both the person planning it, and to the guests that you choose to include. Maybe you’re passionate about the environment, or noticed your husband may be feeling left out. Maybe you love the idea of surprising your family and friends with good news. Whatever the case may be, several forums exist with great ideas for personalized baby gifts for boys, girls, and several gift options for the parents to be, to help you get the ball rolling.


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