New Baby Showers Party Trends for Party-throwers & Party-goers

While the idea of throwing a baby shower is nothing new, baby shower trends are becoming less and less traditional — embracing unique gifts, surprise baby gender reveals, and, dare I say it, co-ed guests.

The basic baby shower has been upgraded! So, make sure you’re ready to celebrate the glowing couple with personalized baby gifts and trendy ideas for everyone in attendance.

Whether you’re throwing the baby shower, shopping for the perfect gift, or both — make sure your contribution stands out above the rest! Use our guide to new baby shower trends to get ideas for the next baby shower you’re planning to throw or attend.

Gender Reveal Parties

This particular baby shower trend makes for one exciting party for both the parents and the guests. Gender reveal parties are exactly what they sound like. Expecting parents find out the baby’s sex alongside their closest friends and family, with guessing and picking sides making for a lively party.

Party-thrower Logistics:

If you want to throw a gender reveal party for your expecting sibling or friend, make sure you check with them first and get the logistics in order. Often, the party-thrower will get the gender mailed to them from the expecting couples’ doctor, with the parents' permission, and then the planning begins!

Fun ways to do a gender reveal:

Cakes seem to be the most common form of gender announcement, typically done by dyeing the inside of the cake either blue or pink, but other ideas include:

  • Busting a piñata filled with pink or blue confetti
  • Letting a batch of pink or blue balloons fly
  • Hitting an exploding baseball
  • Cracking hard boiled eggs with the egg being dyed either pink or blue
  • Brainstorm an idea that’s unique to mom and dad's favorite hobbies with one of these creative gender reveal ideas

Party-goer Ideas:

Guests get in on the fun and excitement at a gender reveal party. So don’t forget to choose a side and go all out, with pink or blue attire and accessories!

The only tough part of the day may be the gift. If you’re panicked about selecting a gift when you don’t know which gender you’re shopping for, we’ve got you covered. Find personalized gift options for girls, boys, and gender-neutral ideas that you can customize with a sentimental quote, date, or last name.

Green foot prints

The Green Shower

Forget pink and blue. Go green! More and more parents-to-be are heading down an eco-friendly path when planning for the arrival of their baby. Show them your support by planning a green shower and getting practical gifts they’ll use over and over.

Green Baby Shower Ideas for the Party Thrower:

  • Send out evites instead of your standard paper invitations
  • Have guests bring gifts in reusable bags that the couple can use for groceries and baby supplies in the future
  • Get eco-friendly reusable party decor — try reusable straws and utensils to cut back on waste
  • Create an idea book where guests can write down “green” parenting tips (you’ll be surprised what experienced parents have come up with!)

Party-goer Ideas:

Everyone wants to be unique when it comes to shower favors, but there’s a fine line between unique and unusable. Selecting thoughtful but functional gifts can be difficult, so prioritize usefulness when making a selection.

  • Get the parents-to-be a gift bag full of your favorite eco-friendly baby brands like Hello Bello!
  • Buy useful eco-friendly gifts for the mom-to-be — like these customized reusable diaper bags!
  • Help parents skip trial-and-error by putting together a “green” basket of everyday baby items that are reusable and better for the environment. This will help the expecting couple establish a few go-to trusted brands and baby products for their parenting arsenal. 

Dad and baby

A “Dadchelor” Party

With so much focus on the woman as the mom-to-be, the man shower trend helps dad collect some goodies for baby while feeling more included in the process. A little bit of male bonding paired with a celebration for the new baby may be exactly what he needs to ease the tension.

Dad Shower Ideas for the Party Thrower:

Baby showers for guys are a fun new trend that shows dads-to-be that they’re important too — plus, they’re really easy for party-throwers to whip up without spending too much or going overboard. Try these fun & simple suggestions:

  • Quick and easy apps and BBQ are a must
  • Set up a baby supply station right by the food or front door so the guys can drop the gifts off right away
  • Skip the gift-opening part and opt for a tournament-style yard games to keep everyone entertained. Pro tip: Set up basic yard games, but make the guys hold a baby doll while playing any of them.

Party-goer Ideas:

Most baby shower gifts are just for baby or just for baby and mom, so try to go above and beyond by finding a gift for dad, too:

Mark the First of Many Wonderful Memories for the Parents-to-be

A baby shower is an experience that is unique to both the person planning it and the guests invited. Whatever the case may be, help celebrate with the expecting parents with personalized baby shower ideas and thoughtful gifts that will get them excited for a future of parenting!

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