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Personalized Halloween Pillowcase Trick-or-Treat Bags

$ 10.99

Check out our fun collection of personalized trick-or-treat pillowcases designed to be used for collecting a ton of Halloween candy. Raise your hand if you remember using your pillowcase as a candy bag when you were a child! We want to give the new generation that same fun experience!  Super soft and easy to carry, these pillowcases can be used as bedroom decoration until they are needed to haul the candy load. With seven designs to choose from, simply add a name for personalization, and all your little ghosts and goblins will love having room to collect lots of candy! Machine washable and durable, these will last for many Halloween nights to come. These make fun gifts for everyone and are also fabulous party favors as well. Make trick-or-treat extra-special this year for your child with their own, personalized bag!

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